Jul 13, 2008

They Pay You to Answer Questions???

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You know, online surveys are nearly as old as the Internet itself. You should know how these surveys work by now – companies conduct market research online and you get paid for giving your opinion or experience with certain products. In a way, you influence new products even before they hit the market.


Always remember, you should NEVER have to pay to take a survey. Where as most online surveys asks you to pay to take their survey, GetPaidtoTry is different, as it OFFERS you a quick sign-in bonus of $20.00 without any obligations for you to purchase and doesn’t ask you for your credit card number. Payments are done via Paypal within just 48 hours.

From what I’ve seen so far after signing up, there are many offers to choose from. The amount of money that you make is based on the kind of surveys you take and how much time you put in. You either get paid by check, or redeem your points for Gift Certificates to stores like Amazon and the GAP.

Right now, GetPaidtoTry is only open to people living in the US. In my opinion, GetPaidtoTry are for fun at best. Definitely not something you want to quit your job for. So if you’re constantly online and looking for something to do, Click here to begin making some spare change in your free time.

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