Jun 1, 2008

The Verdict on Bubba Gump

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I can now cross off Bubba Gump Shrimp Company from my list of restaurants to dine at. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to eat there (the house was packed and there was a looooooonnngggg waiting list), I finally managed to try out this place with my best friend, Far East, when he was in town last Friday.

I had to pull some strings to get our table (someone I know happens to be good friends with the outlet manager. Thanks darling! ;) )

I was damn excited for 2 main reasons: 1) I've heard so much about their Forrest Gump-inspired decor and I wanted to check it out myself, and 2) I absolutely love seafood!!! (Need I say more? :) )

As we were walking towards our table, I couldn't help but notice this on every table:

Apparently, this is what you use to call the waiter. If you turn the sign over, there's another sign which is red in color that says something like "Stop Forrest". Any waiter that passes by your table will be more than pleased to assist you. So there's no need to lift your hands up or call out to the waiter anymore (which from my experience, can be quite frustrating because the waiters are deaf and blind are too busy to entertain me at that point in time).

It's quite a creative way to call the waiters and I must say, I was quite impressed. But what I wasn't too pleased about was the fact that this thing took quite a bit of space on our tiny table. Thankfully, we were seated near the glass window, which had some sort of ledge on it. And as you can see from the picture above, I had purposely put the sign on top of the ledge.

The next item also took up quite a bit of space and if it weren't for Far East The Paranoid, I would've put it together with the sign on the ledge.

This bucket contains the various bottles of ketchup/sauce, napkin and wet tissue. Again, yes it is creative but damn, it takes up space.

Chained (yes, CHAINED) to the bucket was their dessert and drinks menu, which was nicely put on a ping pong bat. Within 5 minutes from sitting here you can pretty much tell that everything in this restaurant represents something from the Forrest Gump movie. The ping pong bat represents Forrest's love for the game of ping pong.

We only ordered two types of dishes as we didn't want to over-order especially at an American restaurant where they are known to serve huge servings. Far East, being the kind of friend that he is to me, even brought along some anti-histamine pills because of my allergies towards seafood. 3 claps for you, darling! :)

I ordered the Shrimp Heaven (rule of thumb, when in doubt on what to order, look at the menu for recommended items). This dish serves 4 types of shrimps, french fries and coleslaw. I absolutely love the shrimps cooked in coconut, chilli powder and tempura style. Those 3 types of shrimps will make you go "mmmmm yuummm... this is nice. mmmmmmmm!"

But the 4th type of shrimp, which was fried, was gross. No, really, it was gross. For fried shrimps, it tasted more like raw shrimps to me. I took only 1 bite of it and wouldn't have any more of it.

The french fries was good as it was cooked to my liking. But once it cooled down, it just lost its appeal to me. As for the coleslaw, it was just ok. I think the one from KFC tastes better.

Far East ordered the dish above. I forgot the name (sorry, it's so typical of me to forget names). It was served with rice (the garlic bread was an additional order from Far East), coleslaw and the shrimps was cooked in a sauce that would make you go "mmmm... yumm.... this is so good!".

My verdict:
The food is good as long as it's still warm. Once it cools down, it becomes quite unappetizing to your taste buds. I'm not too sure about going back there again to dine (unless if someone else belanja lah). It's too expensive for a so-so tasting food (2 dishes and 2 drinks cost us RM114). But if you have never dined here before, I suggest you give it a go.

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4 Your say:

Nick Phillips said...

Must remember not to visit blogs that display pictures of food so early in the morning, especially if you haven't had breakfast yet! LOL!

I've been hearing so much about the place but have not had the chance to try it out yet ...

Must try it out one of these days ...

budleee said...

hmm i am not sure about these novelty restaurants...

maybe you should try the novelty restaurant in penang with a toilet theme.

almost every food or drinks looks like some vommit or feces.

Far-East said...

gosh love d decor kan? too bad d pills made us groggy, otherwise wld've had a longer 'even more inappropriate' session at Baskin-Robbins rite after. lol

d food wuz good, no doubt.. but wuz it worth d price? hmm quite small serving 4 an American restaurant don'tcha think?

p/s: i'm still curious bout that tall stack o patty 'thingy'.. sloppy seconds anyone? ;p

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Lol! Don't think I can give you a warning that says "Don't visit when hungry" ;)

Yeah, you should give it a try. Go belanja your wife there. it's very cosy :)

Eeeww! Those penangites are sure a bunch of crazy peeps aren't they? ;) Lol! Where is this place? I'm so curious...

Wait, let me savour this moment n take out my wine - This is the FIRST time you've actually commented on my blog!!! Lol!

Hey, make sure you keep your big appetite with you when we go bangkok in july. Jom kita jalan2 cari makan! :)