Jun 8, 2008

Pink is the Color of Passion!

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Check out what I got as a "housewarming" gift for my newly renovated toilet:


I love it soooo much!! It's pink and it's a pig (and you all know how pig-obsessed I am). This mat was bought from Kedai Barang-Barang in 1Utama. At first, I was kinda hesitant to use it but after much consideration, it's better to use it rather than let it collect dust. Even then I always make sure that my feet is fairly clean before I step on them.

Only a best friend can think of such a thoughtful gift for me. So thank you Far East!!! XOXO!

Far East is one of a handful of people I consider my bestfriend. I don't usually let people into my inner circle very easily as I have issues with trusting people. Plus, it takes a while for me to warm up to a person. And if you've done or said something that just pissed me off the first time we meet, then it's pretty hard to get back into my good graces after that. So yeah, Far East is one of those rare breed of people that I warmed up to pretty easily.

I can't remember exactly when we started hanging out with each other or when we became close friends. I'm pretty sure he would know the details better than I do. One thing's for certain, we met through orchestra practise.

I believe that it was our passion for movies and food that brought us close. I'd skip class and have the urge to catch a movie and since he wasn't working at that point of time, he seemed to be the logical choice to bring along for movies. He was even dubbed "Gold Class" because he would only watch movies in the Gold class cinema.

I get bored after talking to most people after a while (which would explain the "disappearing" act from time to time) but Far East is one of those people who I can just talk to for hours and hours with no breaks in between. He talks quite a lot, too, for a guy. We'd talk about the nonsense stuff to the intimate stuff. He's pretty much like me in a sense that he doesn't discuss certain intimate topics with people, but when he finds the right friend (such as moi) no topic are off limits.

We share a lot of personal jokes, which draws a lot of "huh?" reaction from our friends. And we'd give each other a certain look and just burst out laughing coz we're the only ones who gets it. We'd often poke fun at how we're even best friends with each other. Whenever he mentions about his other bestie, I'd pout and say to him,"And I thought I was your bestfriend!" He'd always try to win me back by replying,"No no, this guy was from my school. And besides, you're different!"

And the best part of our friendship is that how feel we feel towards each other is mutual - I adore him just as much as he adores me. Well, at least I'd like to think so.

p/s: Far East is currently recuperating somewhere in a hospital right now. So let's all pray that he gets well soon, especially since our trip to Bangkok is only next month!

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10 Your say:

Anonymous said...

the title, that's a line from an aerosmith song isn't it?...hope your friend get well soon...give him a "pink" hug!!

lyana said...

in hospital? er, I'll facebook you on this lahh..

the pink pig mat is CUTE!

Sharon said...

another person i know who is piggy-crazy is angie chan! i went to her room once... piggy heaven!

Perky said...

Yeah it is. I love Aerosmith :) Don't think I can give him a pink hug anytime soon coz he's recuperating from surgery for multiple cracked ribs hehehee. But thanks for the well wishes! :)

Yeah i know! It's so cute kan? :)

Hahaha, serious? I don't think i can turn my room into piggy heaven though. Otherwise everything will be pink! Lol!

Nick Phillips said...

I know what you mean. I don't make friends that easily either, good friends I mean. That must be why I only have 2 really good buddies that I've know for close to 25 years whom I'd trust my very life with ...

Oh and hope Far East gets well soon ...

Perky said...

Tq for the well-wishes. I'm sure he'll appreciate it :)

Yeah, good friends are hard to come by :)

far-east said...

erm *blushing* aiyo *blushing* a whole entry 4 me? *blushing* uih *blush blush***** ^.^

thanx all 4 d kind wishes.. my fault really went stoopid n tried 2 calm my dad's angry workers. aih there goes 10k...

am back on my feet. let's eat ngaaa ^o^

Michelle Ho said...

Hie hie.
You don't know me but we have a mutual friend... FAR-EAST! Yah - what you describe him is so true... Haha! He was SOOOO excited about the piggy mat ages ago and when I forwarded the SMS for discount at Barang-Barang, guess what he bought?

Perky said...

Michelle Ho:
Hi! I must thank you for the for letting him know about the discount at Barang2. I'm so glad for my piggy mat!! :))

How did you find my blog btw?

Michelle Ho said...

FAR-EAST kinda promoted himself n ur blog by sms-ing ur blog address, specifically to this post! Haha! I was wondering what's it all about as he NEVER sms me web addresses, till I read your post about a week laters! Haha!