Oct 2, 2007

Floor 36 - Me 4

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That's the statistic of how many times the floor has beaten me in our game of "Gotcha!". Perhaps the floor has a dire need to pull me closer towards it. Fatal attraction, some might say. I just think that the floor wants a close-up of my face, actually (or my butt - depending on how I 'choose' to fall).

I have tripped over air. I have knocked over invisible chairs. I have stepped on imaginary slippery bars of soap. And sad to say, all this happened while I was sober. Oh, can you imagine what I'll be like if I had my girlfriends - Ms. Cosmopolitan and Ms. Margarita - by my side?

My girlfriends =)

Oh, with all this you'd think that by now I would have somewhat developed the grace of a ballerina huh.

Graceful ballerina huh?

Short and stout that I am, but stable I am not (well at least not with these tree trunks I call my legs!). Perhaps I should blame my feet (my left foot is slightly smaller than my right foot, thus making me slightly unstable(?) ). Or maybe I could blame the ever-spinning Earth, which has somehow caused me to spin unknowingly and thrown me off my balance? Or maybe, just maybe all those imaginary objects are out to get me? Hmm...

The world is always spinning...

Bottom line is I'm such a klutz. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of writing to Wikipedia and asking them to dedicate one whole section to me for redefining the meaning of klutz.

My latest incident involved me trying to get out of the driver's seat of a Toyota Hilux. As I was opening the door of the vehicle, I swear, my feet was debating amongst themselves on which foot to step out first. Anyway, that debate didn't end with any conclusion as I found myself half-in-half-out of the vehicle! My lower half body was still strapped to the driver's seat and my upper half body was 'flung' outside of the car, with my face inches away from the ground. Thank God for my 'quick-thinking' pair of hands - they saved me from certain humiliation death.

Well, I didn't get my legs flung into the air but you get the pic...

Perhaps this one I could blame it on the gnome that grabbed my feet from under the seat?

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9 Your say:

Bibik Nyonya said...

omg....how could you POSSIBLY fall from a car? Ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! im still laughing since tat evening. if it werent 4 your "did-tat-just-happened" look i wouldnt have dared to laugh so hard!

told my mom wat happen after you left & she's still laughing till 2day!


Perky said...

Bibik Nyonya:
Hey nyah, anything is possible with me around! Hahaha!

WHAT?!? u told ur mom?!? Watever for?!? >:P Yeah i cant believe u juz sat there AND laughed when u should be helping ur poor friend, oh u heartless heartless biatch! ;) hahaha!

lyana said...

hmm, maybe you should start Yoga-ing. For better balance?

hey, on the bright side, at least you've never walked into a sliding door before *like yours truly*. ;)

Perky said...

Hmm... sounds like a good idea... oh if only i wasn't so LAZY!! Hahaha!

Eh hello, at least u WALKED into a sliding door. I RAN into a glass window... at KLCC lagi tu!! I was so malu-fied u know!!!

zacharoo! said...

Gosh. I would've died from embrassment if I accidently walked through a sliding door. Haha.

::airswift:: said...
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::airswift:: said...

hey. i walked through the entrance door of UM hall okay. nasib that time people busy angkat the instruments.

and i almost fell down along with the huge note stand once, when we were in in concert. concert ya, NOT rehearsal.

oh ya i used to have this black pants for concert, and they were a bit too long. i kept on tripped because i stepped on the ends.


Perky said...

Oh yes dear, I know exactly how embarassing that can be. HAHAHAHA!

Hahaha! Keluar all the embarassing stories. Try wearing oversized pants + heels! Lagi maut I tell u! ;)