May 27, 2007

The Mystery of the Underwear Power

Scribbled by Perky |

I remember the days when my mom would drag me along with her for bra shopping. I dreaded these moments because she’d take forever to buy one. Of course, I was only a child and I never would’ve guessed that I, too, would one day go through the hassle of buying undies and bras.

I used to wonder why would Mom pick some pretty lacey bra which no one was going to see. Of course, I was very much the innocent little girl and I didn’t know things like foreplay and the fun things you do when it comes to sex. But she’s my mom and I wouldn’t want to see her as some sex kitten in the bedroom (ok, now disturbing images are forming in my head *shivers in disgust*)

Fast forward to me having tits and boyfriends. I started off with a simple G-string and a black lacey bra but I never gotten the courage to ‘parade’ myself in front of them. That was until McChef and I got together. He had wanted to see me in lingerie and secretly I opposed of such ideas. It’s bad enough that I have (as Big Fat Witch would put it), wrinkly bits and now he wants me to dress them up too?

I was scared. Piss scared. But I didn’t want to disappoint him and plus I was kinda curious on how I would look in a pretty lingerie. So we went to Blush! and he bought me a couple of very sexy lingerie. I think he was more excited than me because as soon as we got back to the room, he kept pestering asking me to try them on.

During the day I'm plain Jane, but at night, grrrrr.... I'm a lingerie model.

To spare you all the juicy gory details, let’s just say that that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen a man get turned on… I mean, really turned on. Seeing how positive the response I got from McChef, that definitely gave me a big boost in the self-confident area.

I even use that same lingerie as leverage. "Oh babe, if you do the dishes I'll put on the Blush! underwear for you" or "I'm not wearing skanky panty until you do what I tell you to do". Sometimes I even put them on for kicks because I enjoy the reaction from McChef. Yeah it is so horrible to use lingerie as hostage. But it sure as hell beats using the whack-him-til-he-pass-out tactic for the last cookie.

However, wearing pretty lingerie is not just only about turning my lover on. It’s all about self confidence. My self confidence.

Wearing a sexy thong kinda gives me some magical power or extra human strength. I remember there was once I wore UGLY-with-holes granny panties to work, only to find out that I had a very important, not to mention, impromptu meeting. Gosh, I remember feeling shit scared and insecure... and ugly. I know, it's weird.

Not very sexy huh?

But with a sexy thong, it makes me feel like a sexy vixen and makes me feel like I'm in control. Strange, I know, given the fact that no one in that meeting room will ever see me in a thong (though I doubt that they even want to in the first place).

So now I understand why ladies go crazy over lacey pretty-with-cute-prints bra and undies. It makes us feel like Superwoman.

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10 Your say:

savante said...

Uncomfortable though it may be, if I were a lady I'd be in a lacy thong all day. I mean, men are easy to please mah.

lyana said...

hear ye hear ye! ;)

bigfatwitch said...

perhaps one day i shall attain your level of enlightenment XD

wrinkly bits... ngahaha!

EarlGreyTea said...

hmmm.... darling, some guys feel the same too.. (or is it just me??)

wearing somehting really nice underneath to work make me feels so much more sexy and confident, i also notices that i tend to handle things at work with umph not to mention being more assertive.

strange huh?

Bibik Nyonya said...

arrrrgh....picturing women in sexy eyes!! My gay eyes!!!!!!

Perky said...

Yeah I know... n i'm so thankful that men are easy to please =)

Inspired not inspired not? hehehe...

Big Fat Witch:
O' lil one... u can reach enlightment by having mugs & mugs of beer...

OIts stop it with the wrinkly bits. ur hurting my feelings tsk tsk HAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Earl Grey Tea:
Aaaaahh... finally a sistah who gets it =)

Bibik Nyonya:
Hah bagi engkau! lol!

apples said...

I have a thing for underwear, especially thongs, and tend to buy all sorts.

When laundry day comes around I hang them up all in the living room for my room mates to admire. I realized that wasn't a good idea when I lived with three guys and my lingerie started going missing...

Perky said...

Haha! Why am I not surprised ;)

::airswift:: said...

that's why i wear sexy speedo-ish nylon renoma sometimes, eventhough they itch. hik.

Perky said...

*gasp* nylon?!? tak panas ke? ;)