May 19, 2007

I Haven't Fully Grown Up Yet

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Apart from looking like a 10 year old who looked like she got a boob job, here's why I'm not quite the adult yet:

I Still Choke On My Own Saliva
I didn't really notice this peculiar behavior of mine until McChef pointed it out. This usually happens when I'm laughing and at the same time I want to say something funny. Hey, choking on your own saliva is no fun, believe me. I've lost count of the number of times when I nearly died from this.

I Have the Attention Span of a 3 Year Old
Everybody knows I have very short attention span. VERY SHORT. I could be saying something and in the middle of that conversation, I'd be talking about something else that just popped in my mind. Big Fat Witch has often complained that she can't keep up with our conversation and it also frustrates her when she's spilling her heart out to me only to find out that I wasn't really paying attention because "Oh my God, that pink toy pig is so cute!"

The Boogey Man Issues
I cannot sleep without covering my feet under a blanket. No matter how hot the weather is, even if that means I'll be sweating like a pig the entire night, I must have the blanket covering my feet. And my feet must not dangle over the bed. This is because I still believe that Boogey Man comes out from under my bed every night and he might just grab my feet one of these nights! Sometimes when I get too scared and I'm all alone in my room, I just sleep with the lights on.

Happy Toys
I have this ritual where I go to McDonald's during the weekend just to order their Happy Meal. It doesn't matter what meal I get, as long as I get the toy that comes with the Happy Meal. I have Happy Meal toys everywhere in my house. Sometimes I get the same toys and that can be really frustrating. When I do get bored with the new toy, I'd just chuck it in my closet.

(some of my Happy Meal toy collection)

As a matter of fact a whole shelf in my closet is dedicated to my toys. Besides the Happy Meal toys, I also collect the TY Beanie babies. I used to put them on my bed and usually I would find them on the floor the next morning. So when their numbers grew, I decided to stuff them all inside my closet (plus, I don't think McChef would like it very much if he had to sleep with that many toys).

(my toy collection... chucked in my closet)

(my TY collection..)

(Canon... my favorite TY toy... or was my favorite toy until I got my pink pig)

Taking Baby Steps
Shame on me but I have not fully mastered the art of walking without tripping. Just this year alone, I've fallen flat on my face, flat on my bum, sprained my ankle and tripped over an invisible stone. I'll soon be 50 and still I don't think I would've mastered walking by then.

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10 Your say:

savante said...

OMG. You have the world's largest collection of soft toys.

Perky said...

I actually have more than that... but they're all outside in the living room. I takut they all kena rimas inside 1 tiny closet hehehe...

Anonymous said...

i have always read your blog and obviously i've never leave a comment until now!? and it's been great reading them but i guess perky's senses has gone sane these days. is your mind overpowered by the love for your mcchef or actually you have fully grown?

Jules said...
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bigfatwitch said...

hey, i'm the only one who actually keeps up with our conversations. And that's really sad considering it's usually just the 2 of us!

But i've learned to accept it as one of your many Perkiness. What kind of sister would put up with that? Aren't i just the greatest? =p

Bibik Nyonya said...

yeah least your sis won't drop "you have wrinkly hands" comments on your blog. Hmmmmph!! Mak keysah tau!

bigfatwitch said...

that's coz she doesn't have wrinkly hands. But she's got wrinkly other-things XD

Who wants to know which part of Perky is wrinkly? Muahaha!

Perky said...

It's a combination of both I guess.

p/s: I haven't gone sane yet... ;)

Bibik Nyonya:
Gunalah lotion... then your hands wouldn't look so wrinkly. But unless you already do have wrinkly hands, then no lotion in this world can help you lah! *argh larik!!*

Big Fat Witch:
Eh amboi mulut cibai.... I pay you 4.50 to keep your mouth shut k. Wait, let's just deduct that from the gazilion dollars I spent for delivering your items muahahaha! >:P

::airswift:: said...

wah me lurve your toyz.

Perky said...

hehehe i lurve them too =)