Nov 29, 2006

Catfight on the Runway

Scribbled by Perky |

Skinny Ho: Perky, you really should watch what you're eating.

Food-Whore Perky: I'm so hungry.
There was food as far as my eyes could see. *in shrieking girlie voice* Gosh I'm in heaven!!

Skinny Ho continues to judge Perky as she takes a faceful mouthful of lamb.

Skinny Ho: You know, you're not that tall. Actually, you're not tall at all. So if you start packing on pounds, you're gonna end up looking like a ball. You're already starting to look fat.

Did I hear what I think I just heard? Did she just say the 'f' word to my face? She did not just said the 'f' word.

The-Claws-Are-Out Perky: Yes, I'm fat by YOUR standards. I'm also very proud of it. I look better than you, for Fat's sakes. YOU have to depend on heavily padded bras to fill up your non-existent chest. YOU have no ass, no waist... absolutely NO womanly figure at all. You're thisclose to looking like a drag. Your voice is as deep as the next man. If you weren't wearing that dress, I would've mistaken you for a butch.

Skinny Ho: *Gasp* You bitch!

I-Just-Want-To-Eat-In-Peace-Damnit Perky: Now that I am. But that won't change the fact that you're as flat as a surfboard.

Lesson completed. Perky leaves, taking 3 chicken wings with her as her war trophy.

I just don't get it, this fascination of being thin. I have no desires of being thin. Any thinner than this, I would be mistaken for a fire hydrant. Any thinner than this, I would look sickly and *thugly. But that's not to be mistaken for me wanting to let myself go. Of course I have no wish to be obese. Obese is just as bad as being too thin. They're both bad for health.

But it does irk me when someone calls me fat. How can I possibly be anywhere near fat? I weigh a friggin 42kg for crying out loud! If you have insecurities with your body, don't take it out on me. Sometimes I feel these 'attacks' are just ways to make themselves feel better. Yeah, put others down to make yourself feel good. "If you're fat, then that must mean I'm beautiful because I'm thin". Beauty is so much more than just having "the" body. Until you realize this, you will never be happy and content with youself.

Whom do you prefer?

New word for you all to learn:
*Thugly --> Thin and ugly

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7 Your say:

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Who's that thugly woman in the picture?!

Of course you know I'm talking about the one on the right hand side, right?

42?! That's still thin to me. I can't imagine how your friend looks like. Maybe a satay stick?

Anonymous said...

umm :) Question for you/ Will u date a 80 kg guy or a 65 kg guy?


Perky said...

Yeah 42 is thin even for me. My ideal weight should be around 45 coz of my height.
Oh puhleazzze the satay stick looks better than her okeh. Lol!

If you're asking me if which guy I'd date purely based on his weight, then I'd have to say it depends on his height. If he's 5ft tall and weighs 80kg, then obviously he's obese. Or if he's 6ft tall but weighs only 65kg, then that means he's too skinny.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just want the guy to be healthy and of ideal weight according to his BMI (body mass index).

xavier said...

hehe, way to go! :p

::airswift:: said...

fugly thugly! har har har.. how about that?

alex said...

That's my girl! *grin* Feisty lil' monkey HahaHa! Hope you din make skinny ho cry ;)

Perky said...

Mak mulut laser tau! Hazards of being part of the "us" group ;)

Somehow fugly sounds nicer than thugly... but between the 2, i hate thugly more. lol!

Welcome back to M'sia babes!! Tell me all bout your trip to Bali the next time we go yamchar k.

Nope, no skinny hos cried that day ;) I must be getting 'soft' these days. Lol!