Dec 6, 2006

Sickeningly Too Much

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How much is too much? No, I'm not talking about if the sugar I added into my cup of tea was too much or too little. It's darling. He's getting on my nerves lately. I feel like a trapped bear (okay, maybe not abear coz one, I'm not big, and two, I'm not hairy. Ok,so I feel like a trapped cat(?) ).

Darling and I have been friends for so many years. I've seen how he treated his then-girlfriends before.He'd go on a date with them (which would probably lastfor about 2 hours), whisper sweet nothings to them(which would take about 5 minutes, okay, 15 minutes tops), drops them at home and then spends the entire night hanging out with the boys (or me whenever I was in town). He was a boy's boy, you get what I mean? He'd rather be playing video games or go fishing or do whatever the fuck them boys do than spend the entire day with the girlfriend. Today he sees the girlfriend, then the next 2-3 days he doesn't see or call the girlfriend sort of thing.

You see I went into this relationship thinking he was going to treat me the same way. Now don't get me wrong. I was looking forward to it (yeah, seriously). What's not to look forward to anyway? I'll get more me-time (which is really important to Sagitarrians and self-absorbed people like me) and more freedom to do my own things my way. Instead, he's turned into this lovey-dovey-sissy-clingy man! What happened to him? Was this my doing?

Joined At The Hips
Siamese Twins?
He constantly puts his arm around me 'til we look like Siamese twins. If his hand is not wrapped around my waist, he'll put it around my shoulder. I'd expect him to let go of me when we need to avoid a pole or some poor schmuck who can't find his way around us. But NoooOOOOooo! He proceeds to holding my hand. Geez man. Enough already. Can't I go anywhere without you holding/touching/groping me?!?

160 Ways To Say "I Love You"

Every woman loves to hear their man say these three words. Some women are lucky if the man say it at least once a week. I must be so 'blessed'. Darling bombards affectionately showers me this 3 words almost every other hour! If it's not phone calls, it's SMSes. Yeah yeah you love me, I love you, the world is a happier place,yada yada. I geddit. No need to tell me 3 times in every hour!

The Invasion On Personal Space
Rimas Rimas Rimas!
Why can't he just sleep in his corner? Why must he rest his head at my neck when he sleeps? Does he know that I can't breathe with him lying on top of me like that? I can't move to make myself comfortable. He invades my side of the bed (which has shrunk tremendously over the past few months), leaving this BIG ASS empty space on his side of the bed. What's the point of having a queen-sized bed if you only occupy one tiny part of it? Think of all that space gone to waste...

I'm The Boss Of Me
Bossy Me
One of the perks of being well-endowed is that I get to wear sexy blouses and look good in them, too. The blouse fills up nicely. Not that I'm saying I want to show my tits off all the time. But clubbing? Who the heck wears t-shirt and jeans to clubs?!? Can you believe the cheeks he has to ask me to not look sexy when we went out to celebrate MY birthday? His reason: So that other men won't look at me. Darling, your girlfriend's one hot sexy mama and men will always look at her. You know it and I know it. So I might as well flaunt myself before my 'girlie bits' start to sag.

I'm at the brink of flipping out. Is this how my life with him will be for the next 50 years? He's like a love-sick puppy who'd do anything to get the master's attention (oh wow!). He's like the puppy that keeps fetching the ball no matter how far I throw it, AND he keeps coming back for more. Somebody please hide the forks and the knives away from me. Heck, hide the spoons too!

*I can hear Queen's "I Want To Break Free" playingsomewhere in the back of my mind*

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13 Your say:

cibetronic said...

kakaka i oso got dat song. he's either sweet, controling, annoying or noti. hehehe... no 1 is perfect geh. u 2 had to work out. time to get a king size bed wudcha. lolx

xavier said...

king size bed it is!

Dawn said...

Might as well enjoy it while ya can. My partner used to be like that too ... now I find myself missing those moments.

Thanks for the comment on my blog over at

Perky said...

What? No one's perfect?!? Oh NoooOOOOooooo now my dreams are shattered!! ;) LOL!!

Say lah I get a king size bed. Then what happens if he continues to hog MY space? Ni nak aku terajang kepala budak tu! Hehehe...

It's weird how when we're in the moment, we kinda get annoyed with the guy's perks & quirks. You're right... I do miss those moments when he's not around...

Anonymous said...

:) sounds so much like a guy who is deeply in love :) and a girl who is ahmmm ahmmm hehe :) in love too.


savante said...

Ooh sounds macho! And in love too btw :)

Roy said...

kesian si perky

Anonymous said...

Tell him to revert back to the ways how he treated his ex-girlfriends and stop loving you so much.

Hope everything will sort out!

Perky said...

Damn is it that obvious? Hehe ;)

Everyone just sees right thru. I don't sound mean meh?!? Or even close to cold hearted biatch?!? Damn i HAVE gotten soft.

Yalor... "poor" me.

I'm thinking of getting a tazer gun so that I can electricute him each time he acts overly lovey-dovey. Good idea kan? MuaHaHAHAHAHAhahahaha!!!

p/s: Don't htink it's a good idea to ask him to revert into his old self. We all know how those relationships ended ;)

TEK said...

I KNOW THAT GUY! How long has it been? 12 years?

It true he'd rather do us guy things, but over the years, he's been ditching us, and rather be doing puppy love things.

Got one time ask him to hold a flashlight, but he said he'd rather hold hands with his girl.CHEH!

But he's always been the loverboy type! So what's new???

You're stuck with the lovesick puppy! haha!

Perky said...

Ong Sze Tek anak Itik:
Woi!!! How you found my blog? Lol!! Long time no c or hear from u. Eh I'm coming back 4 xmas. Kelak ku ngan 'lovesick puppy' go cari u ;)

U know wat, the funny thing is I've always figured he's the loverboy type. Tapi sik ngenak ngan muka nya langsung!! Muka jak macho tapi hati lebih lembut dari aku pun. Apa ya jame?! LOL!!!

TEK the great said...

CHEH! Its when he turned 16, suddenly the hormones (which were kinda late) started to kick in, turning the video game entusiast, into a soft sensitive male who enjoys long walks on the beach and cries when he sees the sunset.

BAH! Christmas? Hmmm its gonna be so weird! ...

Anyways, if youre on MAXIS network you can contact me at 012-8806677.


Perky said...

You're Not Only Good, You're The BESSSTTTT TEK!:
Man that's the kind of stuff he'd say too "enjoy long walks on the beach and cries when he sees sunset". LOL!!! Damnit Tek you're making me miss him more >:P

No lah... won't be so weird. If it helps I haven't grown any taller than when you last saw me. So there's nothing to feel weird about ;)

Okies. Will cari you and demand for my xmas present. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!