Feb 21, 2008

On Behalf of the Little People

Scribbled by Perky |

Dear Mrrrrr Clothe Maker,

I'm writing to you today as I would like to highlight the plight of the petites. I would like to request that you make more small sized clothes. Although the number of actual petite people are small (no pun intended), however, there is a surge of 'big' people who love to wear clothes that are obviously 4 sizes smaller, a trend that is being promoted by the likes of Paris Hilton. And because of this surge, stores have actually run out of size 1 clothes. These clothes are vital to us petites because they're the only ones we can wear. So if the store doesn't sell anymore size 1's, then what are we, the little ones, suppose to wear??

I would gladly go au natural and wear leaves, but I seem to get suspicious looking rashes each them I wear them. Plus, not all leaves are suitable to be worn. Besides, I don't think it's fair to start stripping trees off their leaves, especially with the global warming and what not. I'm sure you can understand.

I also think that you should also set up some sort of a Petite Clothe Patrol. You know, an organisation that makes sure only petite people are allowed to buy the size 1's and the size S's and the X's. It is so frustrating to see that fatty Paris Hilton wannabe getting her hands on that last size 1 Guess blouse. She obviously can't wear it. I'm sure she's just buying it out of spite, because not only will that blouse fit me well but I gotta say, I will look damn hot in it too. But NooOOOoooo.... I had to suffer another month of no new clothes. I'm sure that with the Petite Clothe Patrol there will be no shortage of clothes for us "special" people. I'm cawnfident!

I trust that you will do as I say look into this matter and resolve this issue soonest possible. Just so you know, the Mega Sale is only a few months away, so it's best to start stocking up now.

Yours Truly,
Self-Appointed President-cum-Treasurer-cum-Secretary of the PPA (Petite People Association)

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6 Your say:

Mlle Linie.. said...

kasihan kasihan. i pulak nak jadi president pear shaped people.. nak suruh tailors design better clothing for curvier people, especially work clothes.

Lepas kat bawah, atas longgar, lepas kat atas, bawah tak lepas. sigh. sad sad. so I understand how u feel ma petite amie...

Perky said...

ooh, pear shaped that's tough.. the clothe industry is so against people like us.

My biggest trouble is finding a buttoned shirt & a pair of pants that'll fit me perfectly.

It seems that the size S for buttoned shirts are only meant for flat chested girls, so it's tough having boobs that doesn't wanna stay inside the shirt. Lol!

And the pants... my god... size 24-28 seems to be made for people who has twigs for thighs.


lyana said...

er, er...org apple shaped pun susah nak carik clothing maa! but I went shop-happy in melbourne anyway. Sadly I couldn't fit into any pants--but bought skirts and tops. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

and hey, the sizing varies a LOT. I can fit into certain size 14, need to go for 16 in others and amazing fit into 12 at a few select some. why lahhh???

and hey, nak comment on your previous post also:

-benefit's stuffs looks really funky! sadly, they are also exy over here. am sticking to revlon and the likes for now--student budget maa.

Perky said...

Yeah, you're right, the sizes varies a lot. entahlah why it's like that. Maybe the sewing of the clothes got lost in translation... they got mixed up when sewing the size "0 is the new 4"...

Kan kan? =) Benefit stuff rocks! I've been shamelessly promoting the products to my other girlfriends... and I'm not even getting any moolah for marketing their product! hahaha

Mlle Linie.. said...

i think the designers forget that small people do have bigger boobs. maybe i should start a boutique line for:

petite bigger boobs people
thin pear-shaped big butt people.

how about that?

it's a niche market u know.. no competitors yet.

Perky said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea. A whole boutique line all to ourselves! =)