Oct 9, 2006

Weather Channel?

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The haze has literally smoked up my brain. I want fresh air. Help... can't... breatheeeee....

Unlike you mere mortals, I'm pretty much in-tune with Mother Earth. It's true. Hey, stop laughing. I kid you not, ok. I'm very sensitive to changes in weather. Well, actually, my head is.

When there's a sudden drop in the weather temperature, I get very bad migrane. I don't know if I can actually call it migrane. Usually migrane happens near your temple. Mine happens behind my left ear. I actually have a permanent bump there. I even got it checked up a few years back (oh, and there's this juicy story about me and the cute doctor... but that's a whole different story).
Most of the time it doesn't do much. It just sits there, like a volcano waiting to erupt. But when the weather gets suddenly cold, that bump becomes the most annoying thing. It feels like it wants to rip my head open. And it only affects that part of my head. It would hurt so bad that I don't even have the energy to be the cranky bitch or the whiney princess you all know I am. And you all know the need for me to bitch about every single damn thing.

Now it's the haze that driving me bonkers. I have a headache... constantly. Since Thursday. And that was when the haze started to get bad in KL. But when the haze cleared on Saturday I was fine. Then the haze came back on Sunday. And I wasn't so fine. I had a bloody nosebleed for Pete's sake!

In another unrelated news, I've stopped smoking! No, seriously. You all know how much I lovvveeee my Dunhill reds. I've been smoking since I was 15. It's not that I decided to quit smoking. It's just that, I don't know, smoking just feels kinda old to me. It's sooooo yesterday. I haven't really lit up in weeks (well, except for the occassional 'Mary-Jo', if you know what I mean). I think my body just kinda rejected cigarettes. Strange huh? For once, my mind has absolutely no power over my body.

After my meal, I took my usual 'dessert', only to find myself actually hating it. Me hate my precious dunhill reds?! How is that even possible?! I wanted to puke it all out. So, I switched to dunhill lights (yeah yeah i know. No need to call me a pussy, ok). And same thing happened: my body just wanted to vomit it all out. So there, I have stopped smoking without even thinking about quitting. There's no secret, there's no "how do you quit smoking" methods, no will power to quit... nothing. I just went cold-turkey. So don't ask me how I did it. It just happened. My affair with Mr Dunhill has ended... at least for now ;)

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6 Your say:

sbhatta said...

"I lovvveeee my Dunhill reds"

I have a pack of dunhill... :-) phew . Wanna have one? :D hehe *evilish grin*

savante said...

Hey, we want the cute doctor story! :)

Perky said...

*Gasp* When did you start smoking?! I thought you were against it :P

Hehehe... everybody loves a juicy story huh ;)

Anonymous said...

ooo didn't know u oso smoke. kekeke... gud lar since u stopped smoking. keep it up okie. :) meanwhile hor, better go for a thorough checkup on the bump ah. quite serious 1.

Perky said...

Lol! I'm not as innocent as I look huh ;) Will try to keep it up =)

As for the bump, well, I wouldn't worry about it until my nose starts to bleed profusely like it did before or until I lose all sense of coordination hehehe.

::airswift:: said...

which bump? :P