Sep 29, 2006

The Sweetest Thing

Scribbled by Perky |

A few days ago I was bleeding profusely through my vagina. Oh, it's that time of the month again. Irritated, fed up and uncomfortable, I complained to my partner.

I'm-Surprised-I'm-Still-Alive-After-Losing-So-Much-Blood Perky: "I want to take my uterus out. I've haaaddd it with this stupid period."

Sympathetic Bf: "Please don't take your uterus out. You won't be able to have babies next time."

Why-Would-My-Bf-Want-Me-To-Keep-This-Bloody-Uterus-For Perky: "Why would I want to have babies for?"

I stopped for a while, studying his expression. He looked upset.

Hmm... awkward moment. Waiting for awkward moment to pass. Awkward moment still hasn't passed. Say something, Perky.

I-Thought-I-Was-The-Woman-In-The-Relationship Perky: "Erm do you want to have babies?"

Baby-Craving Bf: "Well, yeah! Of course I do."

My eyes went as big and round as the full moon (I bet no one has ever used that expression huh...).

Thankfully-A-Very-Distant-Future-Baby-Craving Bf: "Well not now, I mean. But yeah, I want them. So keep your uterus."

In my mind, that's probably the sweetest thing a guy could say to his girl.

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8 Your say:

savante said...

Hey, I'd be worried if he wanted you to toss your uterus! keep it!

Anonymous said...

Baby-Craving Bf:............

Thankfully-A-Very-Distant-Future-Baby-Craving Bf:............................"

It is funny to compare those two lines! :)


Perky said...

Lol! Usually men get scared whenever the talk of babies come up. Surprisingly the roles are reversed in my relationship. Haha!

Hehe... I agree ;)

xavier said...

AWWWWWWWWW, flaunt it flaunt it!!!

apples said...

That's really rather cute :)

I don't particularly want babies, now or ever, but I still don't like it when this guy I'm seeing keeps expressing how he does not want anything like that.

It's not that I want them but... it would be nice to have the option...

Perky said...

Yeah it does kinda suck when you have your options shut down like that. Well don't get too worked up on that as your relationship is still kinda new and it usually takes some time for the guy to compute things like these :)

p/s: Great to know that you're seeing someone =)

Wildfire Princess said...

he may seem to project this macho image of a taekwondo-kicking guy but inside he's a sweetheart. lucky you!

Perky said...

Wildfire Princess:
Hehe yeap... lucky me. Don't think can say the same about him though... he wants little lydds. Can you imagine if there were more me's running amok in the world? God save us all. LOL!