Jan 11, 2006

Things You Didn't Have To Kow

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Contrary to popular belief, I have not dropped off the face of Earth. Neither was I locked up in a mental institution. Things just kept popping up, leaving me no choice but to abandon the sweet joys of blogging. I've passed the dates to write about my Christmas list, and my review of 2005, as well as my New Year's resolution. Not blogging on Christmas was understandable. I was on a beach somewhere, basking in the sun. Hmm the joys of tanning. And when New Years came, well, it was New Years! So here I am, stuck with old materials that I just think is unappropriate to write about now. Oh what's a girl to do? Well, I'm just gonna leave you with a list of fun facts about me:

Fun Fact #1: I hate to shave my armpits.

Fun Fact #2: But I like wearing singlets more. Therefore I shave out of respect to society.

Fun Fact #3: Not that it means I need to seek everyone's approval when I do something. I am not a people pleaser.

Fun Fact #4: I get turned off by people who says something, then later take it back when others don't like/agree with them. As a matter of fact, I think very little of them. I have no respect for people who doesn't have the balls to stand up for the things they do/say.

Fun Fact #5: I hate it when people talk to me when I watch tv.

Fun Fact #6: I hate it even more when they explain what's going on even though they were not asked to do so. It's called WATCHING TELEVISION. Not narrating some show like they do on the Discovery channel for christ's sakes! So shut the fuck up.

Fun Fact #7: But thankfully, I'm able to tune out 'unwanted' noises when watching tv.

Fun Fact #8: I used to be able to sleep 13 hours a day.

Fun Fact #9: These days I'm thankful if I can get even 3 hours of sleep.

Fun Fact #10: I just don't get people who can take short showers. I take at least half an hour to wash my face alone.

Fun Fact #11: Yes, I am a germaphobe. I've got antibacterial cleaners for almost anything.

Fun Fact #12: If you've been asking me out for lunch more than a couple of times and we haven't even gone on a single one one, here's a hint: I'm NOT interested.

Fun Fact #13: I think I've forgotten what it feels like to go on a real date. Scary, yes?

Fun Fact #14: Even more scary is that I'm getting so used to not having a partner that I've actually stopped looking for one. Why bother when things are working so well now?

Fun Fact #15: I strongly believe that people don't always end up with the love of their lives. I learned that from watching House (of all places!)

Fun Fact #16: You know you've got my attention when you make me think of the things you say.

Fun Fact #17: I have a thing for Japanese and Chinese men. I think it's their eyes. Definitely not the porcelain white skin color. Everyone needs to have a tan.

Fun Fact #18: But that's not to be mistaken with me liking dark skin men. I like them tanned, not black.

Fun Fact #19: No, I'm not racist. But I do enjoy making racist jokes.

Fun Fact #20: My race included.

Fun Fact #21: My left foot is about half an inch shorter than the one on the right. I had an infection on my right foot when I was 16 years old, which resulted in my foot looking like an elephant's leg. I kid you not! The infection went away, but it left my right foot bigger.

Fun Fact #22: And because of that, I can't wear sexy strappy heels because it feels loose on my left foot. And people seem to think that I bought the wrong size.

Fun Fact #23: I get nosebleeds quite frequently, especially when under enormous stress or when it's very hot.

Fun Fact #24: I have very little tolerance for air-conditioned places. I don't have enough fat to generate body heat, and I have very little body hair to keep me warm in the first place.

Fun Fact #25: So that really sucks. Can't be in a place that's too hot, or I'll have period through my nose and I can't be in a place that's too cold, or I'll start to hibernate.

Fun Fact #26: I am a masochist. I love cuts and bruises. I would reopen my wound and dab it with salt or soap. As for bruises, I'd either bang it some more or press it.

Fun Fact #27: Yes, I agree with you. I'm sick but I'm not going to take your advise of seeking professional help.

Fun Fact #28: I cry when I accidentally cut myself in front of people. Bart says that I cry for the sake of crying. He's right. Deep down inside I really like the feel of my skin getting cut. Perhaps it's a mask I wear so that people don't get freaked out being in the company of a masochist. Either that, or it's really the only chance I get to cry since I don't cry that often.

Fun Fact #29: But I cried when I got my tattoos. Fuck, that really, really hurt! Especially near the neck and spine area. Just writing about it reminds me of the pain. Ouch!

Fun Fact #30: I can actually block out the feeling of pain. I injured my left knee during a skating practise when I was 15 and completely forgot about it after enduring weeks of pain. I only got it treated last year when the Chi Gong master (a chinese man who knows what's wrong with you by 'feeling' your aura, and pokes you with needles to heal you) detected it. Healing that knee was a bitch. It instantly reminded me of how it got hurt in the first place.

Fun Fact #31: The worst injury I ever had was my back and hips. Every move I made just felt like I was twisting or breaking something in my body. All this, courtesy of Taekwon-Do.

Fun Fact #32: Nah. That's just an excuse. *in a whiny, breaking-up kinda voice* It's not Taekwon-Do. It's me. I'm the one who's injury prone.

Fun Fact #33: *still in a whiny, now just more pathetic kinda voice* I have stretch marks on my thighs! AND cellulite! So if you ask me which is worst between the two, I'd say stretch marks. Can't get rid of them bitches.

Fun Fact #34: I had only twice reached my ideal weight. The first time when I was 16. Went on a holiday for 3 weeks, came back 7kg heavier. Lost all that in a week due to training. Trying to put on weight is a never-ending battle.

Fun Fact #35: I once had an eating disorder. No, it wasn't anorexia. I wasn't trying to be thin or anything like that. I was skipping a lot of meals when I was in college (which can be really hectic as you all should know). The next thing I know is that my body just simply rejected whatever I ate.

Fun Fact #36: And that led to my very first experience of depression. Not being able to eat, losing weight too drastically, constantly feeling hungry is a very ugly thing to go through. Recovering from eating disorder is a longggg process that is taxing not only to the body, but to the mind as well.

Fun Fact #37: Is it just me, or is this fun fact thingy having more than 1 sentence further down the list? And is it just me, or is this fun fact thingy getting less fun and more serious?

Fun Fact #38: I enjoy reading horoscopes but I don't believe them. I make my own destiny, not some shiny rocks in the sky.

Fun Fact #39: But I am superstitious... well, kinda. I knock on wood and am deathly afraid of saying certain things in case it'll fuck up my karma. Such as *#&#(*&# and &#^&#*%^, as well as @*#&$(@.

Fun Fact #40: From my conversation with Quen tonight, I don't know where Myanmar is. I'm confused: is it near the Philippines, or is it near Vietnam? Lesson of the night: Myanmar is near THAILAND. The capital of Philippines is MANILA. Myanmar Manila... sounds alike, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think Myanmar is near Bangladesh. Dont count on me. My geography is basically like all the countries are in the Earth somewhere. :)

Anonymous said...

:) I wrote a few fun facts reading urs :D Inspirations hehe

Wiggy said...

Ignore my name - actually, don't ignore my name. You may (or may not) need to seek professional help, but after reading your "Fun Facts" I know for certain that *I* need to seek professional help. Actually, I already do - but that is a moot point, really... ;-)

Perky said...

Inspirations is one way of looking at it... and plagiarisme is another. hahahaha!
I don't know if Myanmar is near Bangladesh coz I'm not too sure where Bangladesh is. hahaha! i probably should google it in my free time.

With a name like wiggy, it's no wonder you asked it to be ignored. LOL!

Anonymous said...

U take half hour just to watch face :o Serious!!!

House is one of my fav shows

Quite a few of your facts includes pain. I wonder why?

"Trying to put on weight is a never-ending battle."Yeah I agree!

*#&#(*&# and &#^&#*%^ as well as @*#&$(@ are very very bad sings for Karma. lol

Myanmar (Burma) is neighboring to Bangladesh. In my recent trips to a few islands here at Bay of Bengal, we passed so close to Burma :-)

Perky said...

Yeah half an hour to wash my face, another 40mins to shower, 20mins to blowdry my hair... lol!

Read fact #26. The term masochist explains it all. Google it if you don't know the meaning.

Hhahaha! I'll try and stay away from that *#&#(*&# and &#^&#*%^, and @*#&$(@. lol! it's our secret code language k ;)