Jul 15, 2005


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Rockstar INXSI gotta say that of all reality shows on singing competition, I like Rockstar INXS the best. Simply because every single one of them just blows my mind away. Maybe I am being a little bit biased here, since I'm more into rock than pop. But that doesn't make me tonedeaf. I don't know why contestants on shows like American Idol tend to sing off key, or sing just under the note (i call it microtoning... it doesn't sound like a B, or a B flat... it sounds something in-between those two notes....). That irritates my 'sensitive' ears more than someone singing a completely different note.

Back to Rockstar INXS. They're basically trying to look for someone to become the new lead singer of INXS (really big big big shoes to fill, mind you. Michael Hutchence is irreplacable). So we have 15 of the best undiscovered talents from around the world to compete for this spot. My personal favourite is Jordis, the youngest one. She's so captivating to watch. Love her dreadlocks too. It would be really hard to see anyone of them go.

When each of the contestants perform on stage, you just can't help but feel pumped up, sing along and do air-guitars. It's the same kind of feeling when you're watching Aerosmith perform, or RHCP, or Bon Jovi. Well not the same, but close enough. I don't get that from watching American Idol or Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia. What I do get from these shows is that it's more like a popularity contest. Along the way you'll see the more talented ones get voted off, just so that the audience can have another week of looking at that hottie (admit people. How many of you actually think that Constantine of American Idol can really sing? It was his looks that made him stay longer than he should). So what if he can't sing well? Most of them can't command the stage.

Thank God that Akademi Fantasia is not being shown outside Asia. The world is safe from this ridiculous program. Not even a single one of them is extraordinary. They can sort of carry a tune, somewhat ok looking. But if you invision how far they'll go in terms of career, you won't be imagining them on stage the next 20 years receiving some sort of a lifetime achievement award. Most likely they'll be gone in the next 5 years. This really really is a popoularity contest. And it makes me sick to think of how people can be fooled into voting for these untalented bunch. It makes me sick to see the audience go mad crazy after watching a person perform so badly. It's a waste of human energy. It's like they're in a trance or hypnotised by the producers to watch and vote. I don't watch it. It sucks that I have cousins who watches it religiously. And it sucks that they make me watch it with them. I gotta say, Akademi Fantasia has got amazing publicity team. If it weren't for them, this show wouldn't happen. Curse them!

My conclusion from this winding, somewhat pissed-off post, is that rockstars are real musicians. You connect with them, you feel their energy and they're amazing performers. And secretly you wish you had half the balls of a rockstar to perform like that on stage.

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Jay said...

No one will be able to replace MH. The band will be entirely different with a new singer at the helm. They should probably rename the band, start over, but of course they won't what with all this free publicity.

Anonymous said...

why no update?????? where've u gone to??

p/s: i like jordis too ;)

- xxx-