Jun 29, 2005

Watch Out for That...!

Scribbled by Perky |

I was at KLCC the other day for lunch with a guy friend. After eating to our heart's content, we decided to roam around a lil. We strolled along hand in hand, playing our usual pretend-we're-a-couple game (things single bored people do...*sigh* not that I mind...). All was nice until I heard this high shrilled girly voice, "Kit!! Oh! My! God!! Is that really you?!".

Huh? Who is this Ms I-Must-Have-Exclamation-Marks-After-Each-Word?

This soprano wannabe was accompanied by a girl. Pretty thing too... freckles, nice curly light brown hair, sharp features..all courtesy of some eurasion genetic mixup. Lucky girl. There was something about this girl that just kept me staring at her. Thinking back, she kinda reminds me of Francesca, a Thai-English girl and my best friend when I was living in London eons ago.

Kit decided to check out some store which was located at the top most floor. Ms I-Have-A-Range-Of-5-Octaves-High said that she wanted to go there too. I gave Kit a hesitant look. You just had to pick the store that was on the top most floor.

"I tell you what. I'll just stay on this floor. There's something I wanna check out".

Lame excuse considering that I don't have anything in mind that needed any checking out. Then to my surprise, Ms Pretty Girl asked if she could go along with me instead.

So Pretty Girl and I spent some time together. We checked out shops, had icecream, played silly games.. basically just goofing around, enjoying each other's company. She was fast becoming a friend. But she had this fascination with escalators
that I just don't get. She loves jumping on & off the escalators.. & insisted that I did the same! Well, I'm always up for anything that can land me the butt-of-all-jokes role.

We were on the 1st floor of KLCC, I think... the floor that has the sliding door entrance. Pretty Girl finds the sliding door fascinating.

"How does the door know when to open?"

I could very well tell her about sensors and all that boring techy stuff. But since I was in such a good laughing mood (yeah, from all that jumping on & off the escalators), I said, "It's got this 6th sense where it knows when people are coming. It'll open for you even if you run towards it."

"So it opens following your speed?"

"I suppose. Everyone walks towards it. So I wouldn't really know. Let's go play the escalators again".

As I turned away from the 'physic' sliding door, I realize that I was walking alone. Hmm.. strange. Where's Pretty Girl?

I turned again towards the sliding door. Like as if I was in a John Woo movie, I see (in slow mo..) Pretty Girl running towards the door as fast as she possibly could. (back to normal speed) Oh no no no! Don't run.

"Watch Out for That...!!"

*PLUNK. Pretty Girl went down hard. I run towards her.

"Are you ok?" She nods. "Why did you that?!"

"I guess I'm too fast for the door". She gave me a victory smile. Hmm... You smiled coz you think you won against the sliding door, or do you just like bumping into things?

I pulled her up."That's some funny shit. But hey, don't tell your mom".

Oh by the way, did I mention that Pretty Girl is 5 years old?

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A true Virgo said...

hehe... what a fun girl :) Well, actually I was sorta similar to that. Once I was fascinated how come electricity flows.. I mean what is it actually you know? So I took a pen... put the pen in live electric plug.. and baam.. I was thrown away couple of feets by the electric shock. My dad rushed to me asking what happened. I was just plainly very amused knowing what it is. It is just evil that is nice :) hehehehehe lol

so you and kit went out pretending to be couples? I didnt know singles play that game!!! Waaaah!! Which world do I live in ?

Perky said...

true virgo:
yeah man, i know how it feels to be electrocuted! there was this one time i was jamming with friends and i was the one singing. i had my mouth too near the mic, screaming & spitting at the mic. then ZAAAMMM!! my whole mouth went numb and it felt bigger too! lol.

well looks like only fucked up malaysians play the singles game. hahaha! i had a hard time explaining to the mom about Pretty Girl's bruise on her forehead. lol.

apples said...

When I was an au pair I watched two kids, a girl and a boy, 3 and 4 years old. We went to this mall with their mother a few times, while she was shopping, I watched them.

The boy had fallen for this escalator in the middle of the mall. He'd stand on the bottom and hold onto the side - outside the escalator. As the thing moved, he was pulled off the ground, only holding onto the bottom. I used to tell him not to do that and usually he'd let go before he was off the ground.

Then one day when we were there, the little girl set off running. She must have seen something fun and wanted to check it out. I told the boy to stay there as I ran after her. 30 seconds later as I was walking back with the girl, I see the boy grabbing onto the escalator. This time he doesn't let go. I start running with the girl, going "Seb! Let go!". He doesn't let go. Three seconds later he's three feet into the air, and that's pretty high for a 4 year old. He's realized it wasn't a good idea and is going "ahhh!". I get over to him in a flash and tell him to let go.

He lets go, I catch him and put him back on the ground. Don't think he ever tried that trick again...

Perky said...

Lol! That's some funny story you got there. Yeah, three feet is pretty high for a 4 yr old. lol. I think children & escalators have a unique relationship with each other. Though i can't deny that I still enjoy running up & down the escalators once in awhile. hahhaa!