Jun 23, 2005

Daddy's Girl

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Daddy and I, we're tight. As a matter of fact, if I had a dick, I would've been the son my dad would be proud of. We share a lot of interests: 4WDs, tennis, F1, music, food, sense of adventure, gang up on mom, etc (note: we, however, do NOT share the same views on golf. I just don't get it.) The standards that I live by are his standards. I'm not complaining about it. It's because of him, I value integrity, honesty, respect and yes, the sarcasm's from him, too. I want to be like Daddy - successful, great marriage (minus the disfunctional offspring), looked up to and respected by the community. So much so that I wanted to be a doctor, just like he wanted me to (but we all know how that dream ended).

Daddy and I are separated by geography and my independence to work in the big city. But once in a while, dad would pop up for business trips/golf tournaments/just-too-bored-at-home. So time together is very valuable. I remember this one time he was in town. He only had an hour to spare. I cried after he left because it just felt weird... the trying-to-talk-about-everything-in-the-space-of-an-hour just shocked me.

He was in town recently. This time he had a few hours to spare with my sis and I. So I called up my cousin (also my dad's goddaughter) and her husband to join us. I love Enang and Rus dearly. It would've been great if she was my real sis. But then again, that would really suck for me coz everyone would pay attention to my very chick older sister. Can't let that happen, now can we? The world revolves around ME, damn it! *evil laughter*

I wanted to talk about everything with my Dad. But halfway through dinner, I got distracted (do I need to explain how distracting a hot guy can be? DO I?). Earth calling Lydd... (how lame is it to use the "Earth calling xxx" phrase? Haha!) When I finally got my attention back to dinner, I find my dad talking to Enang in our native tongue (the Bisaya language is one language I can't understand. I get the Ibans, the Hokkiens, the Chinese... but my own tongue?? But I must stress that Daddy never speaks to us using Bisaya. So this is NOT my fault!)

I gotta admit that I felt jealous and unhappy with my cousin. She was hogging my dad. "What are you guys talking about?", I thought to myself. Daddy's only here for a couple of hours. Why are you stealing my precious time with Daddy?

I looked over at Jules, trying to give her the eye "Do you see what she's doing" signal. What is this evil grip over me? Jules didn't get the eye signal. Of course she wouldn't. Her mind's too primitive for something like this. Instead she tells me she's freezing her ass off in the restaurant. Her innocent expression makes me feel ashamed of myself. I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. Enang IS family. Daddy loves her too. Whatever it is they're talking, it must be important. I can't be selfish. (But still, I believe the world does revolve around me. Lol!). And slowly Evil has lost its grip on me.

It was time to leave. I gave Daddy a hug and told him to take care. Then Enang said her goodbye and gave him a hug. For a split second, I felt jealous again. "That's MY daddy you're hugging." And just to prove that I am indeed Daddy's girl, I gave him a second hug. I felt a sense of triumph, but at the same time I feel embarassed to even have such resentment towards my cousin.

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A true Virgo said...

It may be because you miss you dad a lot :). I miss my parents too. But somehow I end up arguing with my ma always.. and it is my dad always saving me from my mess hehe.. Yeep I also have one of the greatest dad. I am somehow like my dad :)

A true Virgo said...

I posted my answers :)

Perky said...

maybe you're right. hahaha... i wouldn't wanna be one of those characters in movies where the daughter kills people who are trying to get close to her dad. LOL!!

p/s: will check your answers mate.

The Fat Girl said...

that's sweet. you seem like a really good daughter. sometimes, though, i feel like my dad wishes he had a son. (i'm an only child.)

Perky said...

I guess every dad wants a son. Makes me wonder, who planted the idea "fishing = bonding with son" into our father's head? Or the idea "cooking = makes a good daughter = makes a good wife" into our mom's head? Lol!

A true Virgo said...

i dont like either fishing or cooking :P

Jay said...

Perfectly natural feeling about your cousin. You and your Dad are both fortunate.

Jay said...

And how old are you?

Actually, it doesn't matter. He's your dad for life, and it's very sweet and touching that you care so much for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey sexy! Grrr...

I'm back in town gal. So, daddy's girl got a bit of competition from enang eh? Lol. you are easily the most spoilt girl in the world... hands down.

Hey, isn't she that chick I met at Friday's? She's married?! Damn woman!

neways, look me up k. margaritas & chocolate mudpie!!

xxx - vonne

Perky said...

true virgo:
I love fishing. Every time I go back to my hometown in Borneo, I would steal some time to go fishing with my friends. Though we hardly caught anything, it was fun to just do something that didn't require so much energy! lol.

i think i got the better end of the deal... considering how much my dad has to put up with me! hahaha.

hahaha... i guess i'll always be a kid at heart. maybe that's why i think it's still funny to play the farting game. lol!

don't think u've met her. i have no idea who u met at friday's. but hey, you can do the margarita while I do the chocolate mudpie. yumm!