Apr 2, 2010

Update Your Bookmarks - Perky Has Moved!

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Hey everyone,

Just wanna drop a quick note here. I have moved my blog to The Restless Pixie, so do update your bookmarks to point to http://restlesspixie.com/The_Restless_Pixie/Blog/Blog.html.

My old blog here will remain here until the domain expires at the end of the year. But I doubt that I'll be updating it.

I'm quite sad to let this blog go but it just felt like it was time to say goodbye and start new. Anyway, I do hope to see some familiar faces at my new blog!


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1 Your say:

Qelqoth said...

Just letting you know that "Pwn Greenland" was bought from me a while back. So unless you want cheap vacation deals on your sidebar, you may want to delete that link. Also, best of luck with the new site. Later.