Jan 15, 2010

Ushering in the New Year

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Ok, so I'm like 15 days behind from wishing everyone a happy new year. So "HAPPY NEW YEAR, FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!!" :D

I ended 2009 pretty much with a big bang. I had never been so busy year-end but 2009 was pretty exceptional (hence, another long MIA from me... urgh.)

Anyways, I got myself some new 'toys' to play with, which has been keeping me occupied most times. I finally bought myself a MacBook Pro (which I HEART so much that I don't know how I managed to use Windows-based PC in the past. lol). I even bought myself a Crumpler bag specifically just for my Mac. lol.

To add on to my "Apple" family, I even got myself an iPhone. Now that I'm on the iPhone, I have no idea how the hell I'm ever going to go back to your average just-for-calls-and-SMS type of phone. I love the fact that I'm always connected on the internet. I love how supportive the iPhone communities are (we all share Application tips and what not). I love the cool and fun applications on the iPhone and how easy it is to download them (and I've recently discovered Podcast materials, mainly Stand Up Comedies... which is awesome entertainment btw).

Can you tell how in love I am with the iPhone? Lol.

So I ended 2009 with a bang.

And starting 2010 with an adventure.

My 2 girlfriends and I are doing our trip to Europe this coming February. YAY!!! We'll be hitting Paris, Vienna, Prague and Berlin on this trip. Planning for this trip has been really time-consuming as we're trying to keep within our budgets.

We've started our travel blog for this trip. So head over to We're Not That Lost in Europe: The Chronicles to read about our "little" adventure. And if you have traveling tips or know of places we should do or things we ought to try over there, just hit us with your comments! :D

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5 Your say:

manglish said...

i am so jealous.....it seems like you have it all LADY!!! hahahah not much tip from me abt ur trip except for enjoy urself hahahaha happy new year

Nick Phillips said...

A MacBook Pro, an iPhone? Gee, I'm so jealous I'm never coming to your blog again ... LOL!

Gratitude said...

balik blog dan hilang lagi?!

Have a wonderful trip ya. ^_^

savante said...

What you should try in all those places? The CAKES! The PASTRIES! DELISH DELISH :) Near-orgasmic, I tell ya.

Those were the days I tell ya.

Lydd said...

Honey, if I had it all, I wouldn't be working anymore. I'd be sipping on champagne everyday while I sit in the Chanel store and pointing out which bag I want ;)

Nick Phillips:
Ngahahaha! Shouldn't you be more jealous that I'm going away to Europe instead? ;)

Lol. That seems to be pattern of me these days huh. Hit and run. Lol.

Oh yes, I've read, heard & seen pics of them cakes & pastries... orgasmic indeed and itu pun I haven't put them in my mouth yet. Lol.