Sorry for being away for so long. My parents were in town last week, so I haven't been online as much.

Anyway, after guest posting on the Fight Like a Girl series on Kat's blog, here's our first vlog together.

The contributors are Floreta Chui (her Fight Like a Girl post can be found here), Rialeilani (her post can be found here), Kat Argonza (her post can be found here) and myself (my post can be found here).

Yes, that's right. This marks my very first appearance in ANY vlog, so do forgive me for appearing nervous and uncomfortable (lol!). The other 3 girls were fantastic in the vlog (wish I could be as confident as they were when speaking in front of the camera!). The editing was done by the awesome Kat.

Hopefully this video will inspire others to take up martial arts.

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21 Your say:

floreta said...

aww are you kidding? i thought you were the best one! i really liked what you had to say. and very articulate. the damsel in distress.. etc! you looked fine on camera and i couldn't tell the nervousness :)

sheng said...

I still don't think i can, i dont think my bones can do martial arts still.

Samantha said...

hey babe, in this video u n jules look like twins!

Sam said...

OMG, chicks who take martial arts are SEXAY. :D Just had to say it. :)

A Common Singaporean said...


I wouldnt know you gals could kick my ass at one glance, but look beyond, its the FIRE in your eyes!!

I might just get a trembling feet if the lot you stare right into my face.
(I try not to pee beneath my pants...)


And Keep AT IT!

::. Anton ::. said...

Dun be self-conscious-lah!, you did well. Boy, any turd who wants to "kacau" you gurls better think twice. "kahpow" and "cincang" comes to mind.

Way to go GURLS! ^_^


Cromely said...

Consider me appropriately intimidated.

Nice job.

lyana said...

my only comment would be to use better video cam next time! :)

good one here, lydd. and hey-- love the combat stand pose you did the best! :P

and yep- hate being a damsel in distress too- ultimately I think all girls should know some basic moves when faced with an attack, and then run (well, if you're like me and have not taken any martial arts before, except for punching the air at the gym!)


more vlogs, please!


Perky said...

You are too kind, girl! ;)

Come on, Sheng. You're a mom. And all moms are tough! They can do anything :)

*GASPS!* O.M.G. You did not just say that. I'm insulted ;P

That coming from a gay guy... that's a compliment :)

A Common Singaporean:
The trick to looking tough is to imagine yourself feeling constipated. Practise that everyday and you too will be able to achieve the fierce look and scare ppl away ;) lol!

"Kahpow" and "cincang" then followed by the sounds of the turd's bones cracking. Of coz, the last part is most likely something I'll only hear in my head though... but one can always dream :)

I am clueless when it comes to camera setup. I only know how to hit the record button. lol! But yeah that's something I'm definitely gonna work on if we're going to produce more vlogs in the future :)

foongpc said...

Wow! Can I be Charlie and you all be my angels? : )

A Common Singaporean said...


Actually I am constipated every other day but I still look like a wimp!!

Nick Phillips said...

Remind me not to mess with you people ... LOL!

Good job on the video though.

Queen B said...

somehow i never find it neccessary to learn martial arts~ ;P

Medie007 said...

ithought got scenes of u gurls fighting. lol

MiChi said...

Wow... Interesting~! I wish I can fight like Kong-Fu Panda .. but not the size la, haha...

You all really like tough.

Mlle Linie said...

wah, kecil2 cili padi.

i hope if i accidentally piss u off you wont punch me.

takleh la main usik2, i heard people who studied marsyal arts have sensitive reflexes.

foongpc said...

hi perky, just dropping by to let you know that I've got an award for you : )

Ron Jerem Lee said...

have u every punched nuisance blogger commenting at ur blog? *gulp*

Perky said...

Testing comment

Perky said...

Testing comment

A Common Singaporean said...

No updates?