May 26, 2009

Quickie Tuesday

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Hey guys, hope everyone is feeling well this Tuesday. Today's post is gonna be a quick one as I'm in dire need of sleep (only had 4 hrs of sleep these past few nights).

On Adam Lambert
I know I'm a slow in putting this up. I was a tad bit disappointed that he didn't win AI BUT I'm so over it. I've just read the best piece of news on Adam - he could be Queen's new frontman!

You all know how very much Queen-obsessed I am, so I'm very particular with who fronts this legendary band (Paul Rodgers didn't quite cut it for me, sorry). But I do believe Adam can make it work with the remaining members of Queen. This guy is theatrical, he's queer and he was practically born to perform in arenas and sold-out crowds. And the voice, oh my... the voice! So keeping my fingers crossed on this union :)

On Being a Lesbian
I was told that someone suspects that I could be a closeted lesbian. Best rumor I've heard about myself in years! Not gonna go into too much details on that as that warrants a post on its own ;)

Fight Like a Girl series
I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to do a guest post on Kat's blog about my experience doing Taekwon-Do as part of her awesome "Fight Like a Girl" series. Do me a favor & check out my post. I haven't been this excited about blogging in a long time, so do check it out!

I'm gonna go blog hopping a lil bit, then it's off for some shut eye for me. Good night my lovelies! :)

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13 Your say:

Queen B said...

closeted lesbo? ur McChef would sure luv to hear abt this~ ;P

ria said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. also you are awesome. i read your post on Kat's blog and i'm envious!

::. Anton ::. said...

Agree with Queenie. McChef may start to have that "sandwich" fantasy! hehe


A Common Singaporean said...

hey visited Fight like Girl. My deepest respect for all the fighter girls! Guarding block!! Hiya!!!

Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 said...

I've been accused of being a closet lesbo - It hink this was fate lol.

I almost think life might be easier if i was... but alas. I'm not.

foongpc said...

You like Queen? Well, then Adam fits in perfectly, no?

Closeted lesbian? Will look forward to your post on this topic, but whether it is true or not, I really don't care! LOL!

Wow! Will visit Kat's blog and read your post! : )

mlle linie said...

*imagining perky in menage a trois* hahahah! gila.

Catty said...

Yup! I'm so glad you are an Adam fan too hahaha he's got an amazing voice but the Kara song really did not suit him. I hope it all works out with Queen. If not, he can be the next Galileo in WWRY! =D

Ron Jerem Lee said...

they so wrong, lesbian don't have that female wisdom to stock up kotex. ... they dont know woman.

mamaTWOHEADEDSNAKEdiva said... onlye talk bout closeted lesbian...hihihi...
matilaaaa... kene "sandwich" kan... hihihi...

savante said...

Phwoar. WRite the lesbian post now!

lyana said...

re closeted lesbian: would like to hear more on that! :)

I'm peeking out of my closet, btw. :)

Perky said...

Queen B:Hahaha! He's such a typical man. He was over the moon when I told him abt the rumor ;)

Ria:Oh dont be. You're doing great yourself, too :) Juz keep going for trainings!

AntonThe moment I mentioned the "l" word, he started filling me in on the fantasy *sigh*

A Common Singaporean:Thanks for reading & commenting on Kat's blog! :) You know 4 types of martial arts? Dude, you're nuts! hahaha!

Kat:I think being labeled a lesbo comes with the territory. I bet if we weren't a bunch of sissies, we wouldn't be accused of being lesbos. lol!

Foongpc:I think the word "like" is really an understatement when it comes to my obsession with Queen ;) lol!

Mlle Linie:Hahhaa! Not sure if I should be feeling comfortable with that thought though... ;)

Catty:I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that it works out with Queen. If he becomes Galileo, I'll pay good money to watch that show! :D

Ron Jerem Lee:Hahaha! You speak like as if lesbos don't get mensus...

Mama The Two Headed Snake Diva:Hey what are you hinting at here? >:P

Savante:Soon darling. I had to 1st dig out what else my accuser said.

Lyana:Hahaha. Well, whichever way you swing, my dear, I will still love you k ;)