There's a line from South Park that I absolutely love: "I don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die". Don't you just love Mr. Garrison?

I don't know what is up with my mensus and the crazy mood swings this time around. Most times I'm still able to function like any other decent human being, but once in a blue moon I'll go weird.

I'm suppose to be writing a post on women and martial arts for Kat's blog (sorry Kat!), which I'm really super excited to do. BUT. My brain just couldn't put the words together that would best sum my experience/hardship being a Taekwon-Do fighter (hah! bet you guys didn't know that about me. Well, if you wanna know more, you guys will have to wait 'til I finish the post ;) Stay tuned for that).

I suppose you can blame it on writer's block, perhaps?

Another blogger had commission me to custom make a card for him. What would normally take me a couple of hours to finish is now taking DAYS. I stared at my design, stared at it some more and was just unable to move forward. I can clearly see the design in my head, but somehow my hands just didn't want to work with me. I felt stuck. Do I even dare to go as far as to say I feel uninspired? Oh God.

I suppose you can blame that on crafter's block, perhaps?

Then, Sunday night pretty much confirmed that it was neither one of the above. It was in fact my PMS doing weird jujus on me.

I was practising John Mayer's song called "Waiting on the World to Change" on my guitar last night. The chord progressions are simple but this being a John Mayer song, it's actually quite tricky to play it the same way he does. Plus this song is played in shuffle beat, which I'm not good at because I don't have that blues feel in me. (Damn you John Mayer. Why can't you write more songs in straight beat?)

I just couldn't get the song right. Never mind the tempo, but even the simple chords I couldn't get them right. Frustration just kept building up until *gasps* I felt like smashing my guitar because I was so pissed off with myself.

Me destroy my most prized Fender Stratocaster??? That's like a mom flushing her baby down the toilet (although there are people out there who do this. Psychos). But that's not me. At all.

It's as if the amount of blood lost is equivalent to my level of creativity.

What does that say about me, that I need blood to be inspired? Geez, I know I can be obsessed with vampires but I don't think I can pull off being a vampire. Fangs don't suit my teeth and if I have to spend eternity being short and chubby, I'd rather stake myself with a wooden spoon.

Oh btw, remember this pic from my post in April 2008?

This month marked the first time I had to buy pads since then.

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::. Anton ::. said...

I alwiz remembered the old and young gals in my mom's side of the family praising EPO ~ evening primrose oil that helped alleviate the PMS pains. Perhaps you could try some if you haven't already.

YAB Twilight, don't you dare laugh ya. I certainly DID NOT consume any. :P

Medie007 said...

wow... that's a LOT of pads. :P

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

Yeah. What Medie007 said!

Cromely said...

Perhaps more coffee can make up for the lost volume.

Or the combined effects would at least be very interesting

Samantha said...

you just need a glass of wine and a fabulous dinner to go with... and I guess a trillions of pads too. LOL. you know, I hate that phrase they use for pads advert "Have A Happy Period!". That is just plain insensitive no?

Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 said...

No worries on the post sweetheart, I know exactly what that is like! Ha, i feel your pain. I try to stay in a low body fat so I purposely give myself amenorrhea (absense of menses) so I don't have to deal with the monthly monster.

savante said...

You starting a pad collection?! :O

PE Research Center said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron Jerem Lee said...

hey, got expiry date or not, check got worm or not before use em ok, if not like chinese say "catch a worm and shove into your....."

A Common Singaporean said...

I know this is not connected. Perhaps stock up some tomato juice? Alright silly me, this only applies to cheesy chinese vampire tv shows. My god, and thats a lot of stock you could open a mama shop with online, next to your perky designs. hahaha

Yah, I do get my creative block now and then in my field of work. Its nothing menstrual of course, but guys do have their pms, which is more like excuse for being lazy to work.

Twilight Zone said...

OMG this Anton could offer such remedies! What a confusing creature he is... LMAO!
Oh Perky, the card you made was excellent with all your patience thrown in. May God Bless your kindness with many painless days ahead.

BTW I am a chronic migraine sufferer, any remedy Dr Anton?

Nick Phillips said...

These things happen Perky. I've been staring at this design job I have for a client for days now and I'm still staring at it ... I hope you get your groove back soon.

Gee, my comment sounds too darn serious la ... I must be losing it too! LOL!

::. Anton ::. said...

Twilight ~ the remedy is so easy. Bash your head aginst the wall 3 times nightly b4 you go to bed. It'll clear up anything clogged up your brains. :P


Queen B said...

two seasoned bloggers are making ur comment box interesting! LOL

PMS? Our remedy is simple; sleep MORE and socialize less~

Perky said...

Anton:I used to take EPO, but finished dy. Then forgot to buy. Hehehe... maybe ya that's the reason why my pms a bit the gila.

Medie007 & Savante:That was last year's collection ;) Now habis, so need to stock up :)

Cromely:Lol! I think the coffee might push me over the edge... pms-ing AND not being able to sleep makes a nasty combo ;)

Samantha:Hahaha yeah that is kinda insensitive. What's so happy about having period? Bet that ad was made by a guy.

Kat Argonza:Hmm.... that's a pretty good idea :)

Ron Jerem Lee:No lah...period pad where got expiry date one. It's not edible u know. lol!

A Common Singaporean:I have quite a bit of an obsession with toiletries. This used to be my dirty lil secret but I came out of the closet about it last year ;)

Twilight Zone:Oh tq tq! And tq for the blessings too... I could really use some painless days ahead :)

As for your migraine, perhaps drink coffee. It works for me. Not sure for you though... after all you being YAB Grandma... so maybe need to follow Anton's advice ;) lol!

Nick Phillips:Maybe you're secretly having mensus too? hahaha!

Queen B:Hahaha. Sleep is like a waste of time tau! ;)

Joe Ong said...

Kesian Perky, heads up, no worries it will go away, try something you always enjoy doing, do something funny, be spontenous, it might just let you forget or take things off your mind for a bit, hmmm a karaoke session or let's go paint ball war!!! Hiyahhh!

MiChi said...

do yoga, no cold drink and eat anti-oxidant supplement .... that is the most irritating thing to happen... I just can't wait for the day for it to stop

foongpc said...

You know taekwondo and play guitar as well? Didn't know that! Let me hear your guitar playing one of these days, yes?

Perky said...

Joe Ong:Oooh I'd love to go play paint ball. That's so much fun! :)

Michi:Hahaha! Same here :)

Foongpc:Some time ago I did try to make a video of me playing RHCP's Under The Bridge using a backing track.

But my webcam doesnt capture good clean sound from my guitar amp (it picked up a lot of noise/distortion in the background). So I scratched that idea off. If I rajin, I'll try to do it again k :)

Fable Frog said...

Creativity, your groove and writing ability effected during PMS? ~ really? Haha like it's flushed out of you together gether with your blood eh~? Ya tough being a woman~