May 14, 2009

Looking for a New BFF

Scribbled by Perky |

I was never a dog person. I had always feared them ever since I was a little girl (and for good reason too, but that's another post altogether).

For my first Christmas with McChef, he brought me to his home to officially introduce me to his family... which also included his dog, Petals.

As Petals was kept on a leash outside his home, obviously she was the first one I had to pass in order to enter the house. She barked at me, tried to jump on me, tried to chew my toes off... which McChef kept telling me was her way of greeting people.

Erm... right.

But to a person who is terrified of dogs, this behavior is more than likely to be seen as an attack.

McChef, being a dog person himself, wanted me and Petals to get along with each other. So he would coax me into doing things with Petals, such as bribing her with treats, patting her and giving her a bath.

It was from Petals that I learned how wonderful it was to have a dog. Her love for her master, though it was adorable, did make me jealous at times (she would always go to him whenever he called. And she can be possessive with her master). That kind of loyalty is not something you can ever find in cats.

Petals (1997 - June 2008)

Anyhoo, even before Petals went to doggie heaven, McChef had always wanted to get a new dog. Perhaps as a way to test what kind of parent I'm going to be. A pug to be exact. Why? Because he says that a pug is a dog version of me (in terms of behavior... although I can't deny we're almost similar in size).

And also a pug reminds him of my butt.


Geez, I know I've put on some cellulite weight, but I'm confident that I don't have wrinkles on my butt! Argh! So we've been arguing disagreeing about the type of dog we should get.

I actually wanted a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) because I wanted a dog like Frasier's dog - smart, obedient, small and quiet. Oh boy, how wrong I was about this "tiny" dog (this just goes to show that you can't really believe what you see on tv).

JRTs were originally used as hunting dogs; which means that they are high in energy, needs to run (a lot), hyper and noisy. They are smart to the point that they are always looking for ways to outwit its master and testing its boundaries. If untrained, JRTs can grow up to be like Marley, the world's supposed worst dog. But most importantly, they are not suitable for first time dog-owners.

That pretty much tells me that I can't keep a JRT. And so I took a test to see what kind of dog would be suitable for someone like me - lives in a condo, not always home during weekdays and leads a somewhat active life.

The result came back and I got a silky terrier. I know only of 2 friends who has this dog - Bibik and Samantha. I've met Bibik's dog and she's really lovely and sooo adorable. As for Samantha's Roccio, my sister had nothing but praise for Sam's dog (up to the point where she wanted to kidnap Roccio). And this has got me really excited about getting a silky terrier.

Bibik's bitch

Now the only question is, what am I going to do about my 2 cats?

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Samantha said...

yay! another Silky gang/fan :D ...btw better get a female, they are less spiteful. I think you can socialised the new Silky with your cats since you're getting a puppy. Just google up some "how to" online. I know a lot of ppl out there who keeps both cats and dogs in the house

mamaBIHADAdiva**nama br merk said...

ur butt???
once told u, hips dont lie...

kalau org perangai hanjeng, kau xnak conider jadi bff?
hihihi...matila sape2 sentap...

Nick Phillips said...

I'm sure you dog will get along fine with your 2 cats. Animals are much better at coexisting than us useless humans :D

Twilight Zone said...

Ask Anton and he will decide for your 2 cats! Oh Bibik's bitch has eyes like his - dreamy ones! LOL

::. Anton ::. said...

CB YAB Tan Sri Dato Sri Granny Twilight, I'm not a vet la :P

Please do consider getting a miniature schnauzer. They are loyal, adorable, highly intelligent and best of all, almost bark-less which is great for animal-luvin' condo dwellers like yourself. Dun worry about yr cats. Spend some time getting the cats used to the pup, and all will be well. ^_^


Queen B said...

we think that the cat and dog can live together in peace~

just keep them ;)

Kat Argonza | Tough Girl 101 said...

GET A MUTT! A pound dog. SOme of them are already potty trained! I always prefer mutts because genetic diversity (as opposed to the inbreeding required for purebreds) makes them healthier and less likely to have the personality ticks of the purebreds.

I have a Jack Russel Terrier Mix - usually those are spastic dogs, but this one is calm, he'll sleep happily if you're in the same room. He also has most of the characteristics of a cat. He's so small he sits on my lap (and you and i are similar size I think) and sleeps. My other dog is a mini-greyhoud/pit bull mix. She needs to be walked OFTEN to get rid of that excess energy but she is just so loyal, loving nad sweet. The JRT will greet anyone, my pit bull will only greet people I "Introduce" to her so she's a better guard dog.

I wouldn't trade my pups for a pure bred - ever.

Also, if they're young (the cats and the dogs) they can actually learn to coexist rather happily. I had a cat and two dogs, and they would cuddle. You can find them on my facebook if you want.

Perky said...

Samantha:Yeah, would love to get a silky but it's tough convincing McChef to get 1 too *sigh* Oh well, I think you know how it is as you're updated on my Twitter. hehehe...

Mama Perasan Bihada:U lah yang perangai hanjeng. That's why I'm getting a dog. Want a new bff yang lebih cute *larriiiikkkk!Nick Phillips:I'm more worried about how my cats will get along with the puppy, especially my sister's psychotic cat. lol!

Twilight Zone:Huh? Bibik has dreamy eyes?? ROTF LMAO! (matilah aku if he reads this ;) )

Anton:Hmm... even Bibik's dad said to get a schnauzer. They're really cute too. But are they the type that loses their fur easily?

Queen B:Hehehe... ya kan. Just force them to get along together right? :)

Kat:I would love to have a Jack Russell Terrier but the ones I've seen here are all too hyperactive to be kept as condo pets. It would defnitely work out for me if the JRT had the characteristics of your dog though! hehehe...

My cats are pretty old though... I think they're both around 3-4 years old. I'm more worried about how my sister's cat will take to the puppy coz she's the more dominant one. I guess I'll only know once I get the puppy huh...

::. Anton ::. said...

Glad you also like schnauzers. They dun shed lotsa fur. You may want to trim their fur from time to time to maintain their special look. Very loyal and intelligent. My bro's dog can even mimic voices eg "meow" and "mama", serious!

MiChi said...

yee.... I'll never keep pet.... when they pass away, sure cry like crazy..... unless it's stray dog, otherwise won't buy pet for my own pleasure

foongpc said...

I don't own a dog or cats or fish or whatever. I just don't have time for pets! So I'll make a pretty bad pet owner.

Anyway, I don't really like cats. I think dogs are better. They are really man's best friends, unlike cats who only care after themselves!

Oh, one more reason I don't want to own dogs. I think their life span is shorter than humans, so if you have a dog, you are bound to be heartbroken when it dies, and it surely will since its lifespan is shorter than yours.

Mlle Linie said...

haha, ur cats seem to be ruling well right now. hehe

Perky said...

Anton:That's so cool! It must be super fun teaching a dog to do tricks :)

Michi:True, owners will cry when their pet dies, which is natural as it feels like u're losing a family member.

However, there is something intriguing abt having a dog. Their kind of loyalty n the fact that they will love their master no matter what... that is something very rare in which u cannot find in most of your human companions.

Foongpc:Well I'm prepared that I will outlive my pet & that I will be very heartbroken when it dies. But isn't that pretty much how our life's journey is? Everything dies in the my partner will die one day, but that hasn't stopped me from falling in love with him & being with him.

Just use that similar approach with pets. Can't let the fear of death keep you from loving others freely :)

Mlle Linie:It's about time I put them in their place! ;) hahaha

apples said...

I just couldn't have a dog cuz they can't be out during the day and I wouldn't want to shut them in the house.

And I love the independent nature of cats - they remind me of myself :)

Those in the photos are adorable though, I wouldn't exactly mind if one of those came wanting to live with me :P