Mar 5, 2009

Self-Imposed Exile

Scribbled by Perky |

The fever came, and brought along the cough with it. Then the fever left, leaving behind the lingering effects of running nose otherwise known as the flu. The cough, which stayed behind, has some nasty mood swings, too. There would be days where it's dry but most times it comes with chunks of gooey liquid.

Nasty stuff.

I have been sick for over a month now. But it is the cough that gets to me the most. My cough now resembles the clucking of a goose. So 2 days ago, I sought medical help. That was my third trip to the doctor, and coincidentally that makes it the third time I'm being put on antibiotics.

I've been given until this Saturday to get well. Failing to do so will result in me having to go for chest x-ray. I'm sure it's just as a precaution, but the doctor seems more concerned that the 2 previous rounds of antibiotics did nothing to cure me.

Trust me, nothing's more scary than getting the "concerned" look on your doctor's face.

I'm now on medication with no signs of improvement (so much for trying to get well by Saturday, huh?). So naturally, I'm a bit freaked out.

I had to give up on certain indulgences as part of my recovery process - no ice cream, no fried food, no chocolates, no cold drinks. Try doing this for a month and you get the idea of how depressing it can be. This is tough for someone who loves to indulge.

I also had to put my social life on hold, partly because I don't want to infect others with this shit (doc says it's highly contagious, which would explain why everyone in my house and EVERYONE in my dept has it).

But mostly I'm no fun to hang out with right now. It's hard to be part of the conversation when I keep coughing. Even the simple joys of laughing can be taxing on me as that causes me to cough non-stop. Me being a people person, not being able to socialize is very hard on me.

No ice cream, no talking, no laughing... talk about a buzz kill huh?

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23 Your say:

Samantha aka Wen said...

Urgh that sucks! Get well soon girl! Get McChef to cook you some wholesome chicken soup :D

*Anton* said...

Old grannies remedy (not Twilight hor!)....... please do try hot fresh ginger drink mixed with some brown sugar. No harm in trying, especially since ginger is so easily obtainable.

Pray you get well soon.

Perky said...

McChef is outstation :( Also, it turns out that I should stay away from chicken coz it aggravates the cough even more. Sucks, doesn't it? *sigh*

Hmm... I've tried boiling ginger with coke (not the drug but the coca-cola drink, lol!). They say it helps. Apparently it doesnt work on me.

Maybe I should try it with brown sugar instead. Thanks, I'll give it a try! :)

*Anton* said...

Instead of boiling the ginger slices, please instead, grate the ginger and extract its juice, same as how you extract santan. ^_^


Sam said...

Ginger and COKE!? o-o Now that's something new.

You sure you can't take meds at all? Try Bena Expectorant / Benadryl. It does wonders for my flu.

Sam said...

P/S: I read Anton's second comment and read it as "gyrate" the ginger. I was like: WHOA!

A Common Singaporean said...

You should have gotten that Playstation, at least u can stay at home and whack aliens? haha. Just kidding, I bet with that level of sickness u don't even want to press the start button.

Just sleep more, drink more, and watch some comedy.

Get well soon.

jase said...

MC!! No work! So much fun.. except when you get back to work.. and there's a pile up of work.. :p

Silly Little Prince said...

no ice cream, no fried food, no chocolates, no cold drinks... pretty much like... NO LIFE.
sucks being sick. =.=

Twilight Zone said...

Twilight's grandma remedy is:
1) Lay off your nicotine
2) Wear socks to sleep after rubbing feet with vicks
3) Tie hanky around neck to sleep after rubbing throat with vicks
4) Drink Grandpa Anton's hot ginger before sleep
5) Pray out loud to Medicine Buddha to cure you!
6) If you dunno how to carry out #5, ask grandpa Anton.

Jaime said...

Oh. my. goodness. I hope you feel better, I really do. A month is far too long to put up with that.

sheng said...

It's officially summer here in the Philippines and to think that the wet season just passed thru, this is sure an indication of a lot of bug safe perky!

Anonymous said...

Same shit with me i am afraid. It began with a dry cough at late night and frequently repeating cough, and with a bulk of grey mucus, but the first mucus came was the first night with little blood in it. I changed 3 diffrent antibiotics, the first 2 didn't help very much though they were wide spectrum antibiotics, my fewer was changing with the time of the day, and the first 2 nights it was around 39.5 max and 38 min. The doctor said i got both sinusitis and bronchides, i got this shit from dance course from the girls, but maybe i have a lugn cancer, maybe that explains little blood.

Cromely said...

Hmmm. Coke and Ginger actually sounds pretty tasty.

That sucks, though. With your list of prohibitions, and lack of socializing, it sounds practically monastic.

Did your Dr. actually give you antibiotics, or just shout, "Get thee to a nunery!"

Can you at least have coffee?

Good luck getting better. And be glad your cold hasn't taken away the Internet.

Tough Girl 101 said...

No ice cream? ... sad.

Nicholas Rashidee said...

No ice cream?!? You'd better get urself well soon wor~ No ice cream no life *hugs*

Perky said...

Ok, I will "gyrate" the ginger ;)

Hey you weren't the only one who read Anton's "grate" as "gyrate". Sumore he said extract the juice... oh gosh, my imagination ran a bit wild at that part. hehehe...

A Common Singaporean:
Lol! I doubt the ps3 would've made me feel better.

I have been drinking & resting a lot. I recently bought "True Blood" 1st season on dvd & was hooked on it. So that kept me entertained these past few days.

Hahaha. I wish! But I'm too much of a workaholic to take mc ;)

Silly Little Prince:
Yalor! Damn fed up with being sick. I miss my food!

Grandma Twilight:
Haven't been smoking in recent months.
Wear socks & hanky to sleep? Ok, I'm getting disturbing porno images in my head right now (must be the damn drowsy flu pills talking. lol!) ;)

Thanks a lot! I hope I get well soon. It's been too long since I've had me a damn good meal.

it's summer there now? Ok, I'm moving to Philipines! Lol!

It's been raining here almost every day :(

Eeks! That does sound scary. I do hope you've gone for checkups. But the blood could be from coughing too hard & too much. But nonetheless, you should get it checked.

You should give it a try sometime. Cut a few slices of ginger and add it with the coke and boil them together.

Lol! Yeah, it does kinda sound a bit monastic, doesn't it? I'm staying away from coffee at the mo coz 1 of the meds makes me drowsy. So I'm guessing i'm suppose to sleep as much as possible.

Tough Girl 101:
The moment I'm 100% well, the 1st thing I'm going after is Baskin Robbins!

Nicholas Rashidee:
I'm picturing all the ice cream waiting for me once I get well ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Oh that's bad, get well soon ...

*Anton* said...

Aiyuuuuu Perky, serious advise translated into dirt. :(


Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Thanks Nick. Really working on the getting well part :)

Sorry darling if I made it looked like I wasn't taking your advise seriously. Perhaps I was taking the phrase "laughter is the best medicine" a bit too far(?)

I have tried your remedy and despite its nasty taste, it's working wonders on me :)

*Anton* said...

Aiyuuu Perky, just teasing you liao. I may not be as granma as Twilight, but cld be just as whacko. lolz

Git well soon ya!

lyana said...

I hope you're well by now. :) take care!

Ratu Syura said...

Hey you. How you doin now? Hope you're doing well. Haven't been here in a while. Take care hun.