Nov 24, 2008

Come See Me in Person!

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My sis, Big Fat Witch, begged me to use my blog to promote her upcoming activity. As the good, obliging sister that I am, I can't possibly say no, now can I? (although I've got tonnes of other things to write about, such as my Thanksgiving post)

If you don't have plans this Saturday afternoon, come join us for a moment of happy, fluffy, slightly sappy but totally adorable movie time.

DATE: 29th NOVEMBER 2008
PRICE: RM30 (inclusive of movie ticket and F&B)
TIME: 1:30pm

Yes, I'll be there to sign autographs & take pics with my fans. Lol! Oh you know me, if there's food I'm definitely going to be there. And it's so unlike me to pass on any chances of making new friends :)

This movie stayed at #1 at the Japanese box office this year for a really looong time. It's the conclusion to the hugely successful drama of the same name which ran for 2 seasons. FYI, "Hana Yori Dango" is the Japanese version of the Taiwanese drama, "Meteor Garden". It's romance, action and comedy all rolled into one. And how often do you see a leading man who's prettier than his leading lady?

Matsumoto Jun

We will also be celebrating OHNO SATOSHI's birthday!
*Ohno Satoshi is the leader of Matsumoto Jun's group, Arashi. Matsumoto Jun is the lead actor in the movie. You don't have to be a fan to join in the fun* ^^

For more information/booking/confirmation of attendance, kindly contact the person in charge through

Phone : +6012 3992505
Email :
Livejournal : salwaphoenix
Vox : salwa

Or you could get in touch with me either by leaving a comment below or using my "Contact Me" page located on my navBar. Hope to see you there!

* Hana Yori Dango Final is also known as Boys Over Flowers.

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4 Your say:

savante said...

Eh, siapa orang ni semua :) Obviously I have to go catch up on who all these people are!

Nick Phillips said...

I'd like to echo Savante, who the heck are these people? I gotta get out more often ... LOL!

Jules said...

even if you've never watched the drama, you can still enjoy the movie. I myself never saw an episode of the drama but still managed to enjoy the movie. But then again, i'm a huge Arashi fan XD

Pls do come to the screening ^__^ for more info, you can get in touch with me or Siti Salwa as listed in this blog entry.

- BigFatWitch

Twilight Zone said...

Cheh! Why must be 29th? I will be away again....
I know who they are anyway coz I'm so busybody.
You have fun and come back blog it ok.