Sep 12, 2008

For You Tea Lovers

Scribbled by Perky |

This post is for all you tea lovers out there, and especially to Budleee, whom I've promised that I will show him this special tea (no, I don't mean that "special" kind they serve in Switzerland or Germany *wink wink* ).

I got to know about this special tea when my company organised an awards dinner recently and we gave out Handcrafted Flower Tea as door gift.

The Handcrafted Flower Tea, which we bought from Purple Cane (if I'm not mistaken, at the price of RM16.90 each), is a combination of young jasmine flower buds, bachelor's button (cornflower) and tender green tea plucked in early spring.

And they are meticulously hand-tied by skilled tea artisans into intricate flower tea buds. Sounds like a lot of work to me (which would probably explain the price).

So to brew the tea (or in my case, enjoy the sight of the flower tea bud blossoming), you should use a glass teapot, or glass mug or glass. Since I don't have any of those (beer mugs don't count), I ran up to Bibik's place to use his. Since he's like a flower himself, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Afterall, what are neighbours for right?

Just as you would with regular tea (in my case, the one I normally drink would be Lipton tea), you just add hot water and allow the flower tea to steep for 3-5 minutes. Don't need to add sugar. This is Asian tea, not some English tea where you add sugar to it.

Within seconds, you can start to see the flower tea blossoming...

Looks like an alien is coming out from the glass if you ask me...

Side view - which just confirms my suspicion that an alien is being brewed in the glass...

And now the flower tea has completely blossomed into something pretty...

To get this dramatic effect, we were too busy playing mahjong that we forgot about the tea waited for half an hour.

And of course, us being camwhores, we tore ourselves away from mahjong and took pictures of the pretty flower:

Oh, how does it taste like? Well, pretty much like chinese tea lor!

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10 Your say:

ToughGirl101 said...

Oh!!! I saw that on Marie Antoinette starring Kristin Dunst!!!!

savante said...

Eeeks. The flower looks scary!

Sam said...

16 ringgit for having an alien in my cup that tastes like Chinese tea. Pass. :P

Think the steep price is the one that scares me. :P

Legolas said...

They serve this kind of tea somewhere, I can't remember. Actually the bigger ones you can use as decoration. But of course you need to change or else it'll rot.

Nick Phillips said...

oookkkkkaaaayyyy, that looks pretty freaky. It looks like something from war of the worlds. I think I'll stick to my kopi-o for now ... LOL!

budleee said...


i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant


Perky said...

Tough Girl 101:
Serious?? I didn't know that. Now I gotta go find the movie's dvd.

It was freakier when it started to open up. Looks like tenticles to me.

Hahahaa! Yeah, i know. Don't think I'll be this on my own. Luckily the company still has a few of them flower tea lying around ;)

Really? That would be an interesting thing to see. But i think in my case, the flower will most likely rot as I don't have green fingers. Hahaha!

Nick Phillips:
What? This harmless thingy can scare the brave Mr Nick Phillips? lol!!

Cuba lah. You can get them at Purple Cane (i think they're at most shopping malls if tak silap lah).

Aziya said...

first time tengok... scary tea.. hiks !... i want it too..

Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

This is really creative. I like the fact that the tea opens into a nice flower in your drink. Great presentation but would be pretty costly though.

Are there any health benefits from drinking the tea?

Perky said...

Cuber try lah. It's interesting to watch it bloom, as long as you don't get freaked out by it hehehe...

Malaysian Fabric Heritage:
Hi there! There are many benefits from drinking tea, such as tea contains antioxidants (which helps to reduce the ravages of aging & protects against cancer)... it's also known 2 reduce the risk of heart attack & stroke, as well as improves the blood flow.

But that said, u should drink tea w/o milk. The caseins (or proteins in milk) blocks the effect of improving your blood flow.