Jul 12, 2008

Reel Love

Scribbled by Perky |

“I’m just girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her” is definitely, to me, the most memorable line from a romantic movie ever. Ever. Perhaps the fact that the line was said by none other than the great Julia Roberts had something to do with me loving this particular line very much. Oh, just thinking about that scene just melts my heart away.

But if I was to try this line in real life, I think I would be laughed at. Simply because one, I’m not Julia Roberts and two, I’m NOT Julia Roberts.

So guys, try out those fancy pick-up lines you’ve been meaning to use (but simply don’t have the guts to say it in real life) in the game by Extreme Style by VO5. I know I had fun trying it out! Even better, you can try out your pick-up lines at the Ultimate Flirting Championship. Guys, you can even have a couple of practises first by grabbing the widget below and putting it up on your own blogs as well.

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