Jun 14, 2008

Didn't Your Momma Teach You Manners?

Scribbled by Perky |

I was one of those people who were slow to catch on the Facebook craze. And when I finally did get myself hooked up on Facebook, I admit I was addicted.

I'd have every single application my friends invited me to... and then some.

Then after a while, I got bored and was left with a very cluttered-looking FB.

But that's not what annoys me most. Because you can always unclutter your cluttered-looking FB.

What annoys me most are strangers.

Specifically strangers who wants to add me as their friend without proper introduction. No, let me rephrase that. Without any introduction AT ALL. I'm sure some of you are more than okay with that. The prospect of meeting someone new, learning their life/culture (whatever bs you want to call it), some of you find that interesting.

But not to me. I hate, I repeat, I hate, with a passion, receiving notifications of so-and-so who wants to add me but I have no clue as to who they are. They don't bother saying hello and they don't even bother introducing themselves first. They just clicked on the "Add as Friend" button and hope you're quite an idiot yourself to accept this stranger's request. I'm not saying it's wrong if you have done that before. But I didn't privatise my Facebook profile just so I can add strangers as friends.

I'm cheesed off with these numbnuts. The reason why they'd want to add me, a perfect stranger, in the first place is to make me into a statistic in their page - "Numbnuts A has 1,028 friends". You know what, chances are, out of those 1,028 "friends", he only hangs out with 3 of them. In a month.

I refuse to be someone's statistics. And I absolute refuse to be made into a dumping ground where they can send me all sorts of crap applications. "Recruit Idiotic Perky and earn 1,563 slayer points". Tell me, just what exactly are you going to do with that 1,563 slayer points? If there's a centre somewhere out there where you can trade in your slayer points with Oreos, then hey I'll recruit more idiots for those yummy Oreos.

Then, there's also the friend of a friend who just wants to add me just coz they think we're automatically friends eventhough we've never even said hi to each other before. Yeah, they are equally just as irritating to the point I want to tell my friend off for having idiots as friends.

Of course I'm offended. By right I should be. When I was sitting right in front of them, they hardly said a word to me. One of my brother's friend is a perfect example of this. This guy used to come to the house a lot and the most he's ever said to me was hi. Just coz I'm on FB he suddenly want to be friends? A bit strange, 'in it?

My friends say I should loosen up a little and just accept these strangers' friendship request. And you know what I tell them?

"That's why I don't have stalkers showing up at my door and robbing me of my belongings."

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7 Your say:

mlle linie said...

i always reject strangers. period. lets form an anti facebook strangers club!

Nick Phillips said...

Ok, I guess I must be the only one in this world who doesn't have a facebook account ... LOL!

I hate having to put up with strangers too and when I do want to play those facebook games and stuff, I just tumpang wife's accunt ... LOL!

budleee said...


i felt that way tapi takde lah to this extreme :D

Aziya said...

kekekeke... strangly not many stangers wats to add me... tahulah merks tak lentekss... hahaha

I only have around 120 friends.. and 80% of the list is my friends.. and the rest is my online buddies and few strangers (will consider for deletation if they keep "quiet") ...

I'm pretty strict while adding friends in Myspace, FB and Friendster. I've been using Myspace since 2003 and I only had 150 friends.

lyana said...

Hmm, let me tell you an embarrasing story that happened to me on FB. I always ignored friend request from strangers, but sometimes- when I check that a person have 'common friends' with me, I'd msg them and ask where do I know them from (only a couple of ppl lah, most of the time mmg no common friends pun, so ignore je). Then this one person-I totally forgot that she was my junior in school and she had to elaborate, and we were kind of close back in school! I was soooo embarressed I tell you! It just showed that I'm growing old and forgets certain stuffs! haiyoh.

But yes, I think that ppl should really want to be friends with you if they were to add you on FB or any other online application. Yes, there are some ppl whom I've only met online through FB and blogging, but am happy to say that I've become friends with these ppl and am looking forward to meeting them one day.


Perky said...

Mlle Linie:
Anti FB Strangers club? Lol! Nanti kena label unfriendly lah pulak ;)

Nick Phillips:
Lol! Yeah, it does seem like you're the only one w/o a FB account. But dun worry, you're not missing out on much ;)

I think it really got to me this week coz I got 8 strangers' request in a day. It got really irritating...

I tak kisahlah if my FB got only 10friends pun... coz at least i know all 10 ppl are my friends.

Hehehe... i think that happens to all of us ;)

I love making friends, online and in real life.... if they really are genuine about forming a friendship with me. But "some" ppl, they just wanna spam you with crap n sort of portray themselves as the "most popular person in FB". That irritates me most.

::airswift:: said...

yeah i also don't agree with having hundreds of unknown [friends] in my myspace account. especially when they don't give any message at all til now.

it's just too messy.

time to get rid of them.