Apr 17, 2008

And You Thought You Had Skeletons in Your Closet

Scribbled by Perky |

According to Bibik Nyonya, I collect junk – you know, the useless kind, has no aesthetic value to it, stuff you throw away. And the so called junk I collect are Can Tabs.

No, seriously, I love collecting can tabs.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it once I’ve filled up the container, but I sure as hell ain’t gonna give up now that I’ve come this far.

Well, if you think that that stuff is junk, wait til you see my drawer.

Oops, silly me. That drawer’s empty. Here’s the stuff that was in it:

Can’t really tell what they are? Well, they are actually toiletries. Yeap, TOILETRIES. All sorts of toiletries. Ooh, I’m getting all warm and tingly now that I’m gonna tell you about my love for toiletries.

One of my biggest fetishes happens to be collecting toiletries. One can never have too many of them. God knows what will happen in the future, and you should always be prepared for whatever shit that heads your way. Well, what can you expect from an event organizer extraordinaire right?

Now, let’s see what I have, shall we?

These are what I call my emergency shampoos. I don’t use any of these products actually. I use Dove, but God forbid should I ever run out of shampoo. I got these from various sponsors from past events and they do come in handy when I go outstation as they don’t take up much space.

Yes, I know, generally hotels do provide shampoo but those shampoos are gross. It makes my hair dry and frizzy.

These are items from Traders Hotel. These are good stuff – Aigner soap and bath gel, bath salt, comb, laundry power and toothbrush.

Yes, I know, I don’t have a bath tub to put all those bath salt in, but who knows? Maybe I’ll have the sudden urge to put them in my apartment’s swimming pool when I go for a dip.

Moving along. We live in warm climate and the body odor crisis is quite rampant here. You can tell when you step on any kind of public transportation. The aroma from all those sweaty bodies cramped up in a tiny space, makes me cringe just thinking about it. So, anyways, I have the roll-ons and the spray type. Once again, these are all courtesy of Unilever who sponsored the Rexona deodorant.

Actually the Romano body spray belongs to my dad (the blue bottle one). I keep that just in case my dad, who lives in Sarawak btw, comes over and he so happens forgot to bring his body spray along. Think of the RM8 he’s going to save now that he doesn’t need to buy a new one here. Aaaaah, you see my point?

What else do I have? Ooh, body soap and talcum powder. Must have 2 types of body soap – the bar kind and the liquid kind. I use the bar of soap in the morning as it is faster to put on and rinse off. Then I use the liquid kind (with my loofah) in the evenings, coz that’s when I need to properly scrub myself after a day’s worth of sweating and collecting bacteria.

Ooh, and here’s my favorite product of all – Bodyshop!

There’s the olive body butter – which acts as my body lotion AND my perfume. It smells *fovely! I have 3 types of shower gel – mango, passion fruit and olive. I use each for my different events. There’s also the eyeshadow and blusher. And more bars of soap. All these items are actually gifts from people.

*fovely – fucking lovely

Hey, you guys are curious about the two blue bottles right? Well, my brother gave me products to FIGHT CELLULITE. Yeah, no shit!

It comes with it’s own massage scrub thingy. I don’t know if I should feel offended but I thought it was rather nice of him to give me such products as these things don’t come cheap. Either that or he simply couldn’t stand the sight of my cellulite-riddled thighs dangling over the sofa as I lay to watch tv that he just had to give me these things.

Face products I don’t use. Even I don’t know why I haven’t thrown them away just yet.

These are the miscellaneous items that are VITAL to your collection of toiletries. Without it, you collection isn’t complete. You must have extra toothbrush, toothpaste (I don’t even use this brand – it’s another one of those sponsored items), sunblock lotion, cotton pads, cotton buds, packet tissues, AND period pads.

Eh, wait a minute, that’s not right. A woman shouldn’t have just 1 spare period pad. Hello, you don’t just bleed for one day you know. A woman’s gotta have a whole closet full of it:

Now that’s what I call being prepared. Now I have period pads that will last me all the way to menopause.

Laurier is the only brand of period pad I use. I find that they don’t give me “cotton burns” on my crotch while I’m menstruating.

So, that’s that - my collection of toiletries. And because of my superior organizing skills, I manage to put all of them, except the Lauriers of course, back into my tiny drawer.


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15 Your say:

Anonymous said...

heard they buy those Can tabs,..now i know who's "THEY"..
i come from the jungle and i use one soap for everything, once in a while i use a shampoo for my dandruff (since i use safety helmets when working)and i don't even remember the shampoo brand, you wouldn't want me to explain how it looks like right now...the toiletries are acceptable but the pads....?!!you dont expect to bleed to death do you? anyway, u still have that little girl attitude in that insanely crazy mind...and thats fovely!!!!

Aziya said...

I use to love collecting toiletries.. even though tak pakai semua... hehe

I ended it up by give it to my sister.. ;)

Perky said...

I didn't say I buy the can tabs, I said I collect them (no money transaction involved in securing myself some can tabs) ;)

How can you just use ONE soap for everything??? Oh you poor thing! I have soaps for everything! You want me to send some over to you not? ;) hehehee

The pads are acceptable ok, afterall they dont expire :P And may I just add, there are times when I am bleeding to death (or feels like it!) LOL!!

Well darling, my blog wouldn't be called what it is if I wasn't insane, now would it ;)

Lucky sister! Hahaha. My eyes go big & dreamy each time I pass toiletry shops. I'll be like,"Oooh i can so use that" or "Dunno what that's for but I think I should have one". LOL! Yeah, I'm obsessed ;)

lyana said...

and I thought I have the most sanitary pads in collection! my god! look at at yours! muahahahaha.

yes, takder laurier in Australia, I had to ask my mum to ship me a huge big box of them every year.:(

hey, you can try and do a can/bottle-tab art work one day you know...

Daniel Henry said...


but you know the can tabs are the most difficult thing to produce according to rafidah abdullah.
*she also collects them*

sharon said...

i was thinking great i have fellow toiletries freak until i saw your pads. :) you're a class of your own!

Perky said...

*gasp* They don't have Laurier in Aussie???!?!? My God, what's wrong with them?!? ;)

p/s: Darling, I can't do art to save my ass even if I tried!

Daniel Henry:
Is it? I didn't know that. Someone told me that can tabs are used to produce prosthetic limbs (dunno if true or not lah).

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Hehehehehe... being in a class of my own can be quite lonely. Maybe you should add on to your pad collection ;) Lol!

::airswift:: said...

my aunt's friend collects and buy stamps from london, which cost him RM juta jutaria.

mamadiva said...

ye la... sanitary pad ko banyak kan...
merk xpayah pakai pun ok...
hahah.... jgn dendens dgn merk...
itulah collection die tapi eye shadows satu haram pon kau x ade...dinch!!

Mlle Linie.. said...

wow and i thought im insane.. guess im not the only trinketeer here.. i collect jewelries. even have a display rack for em. like the ones in the shops. maybe i'll blog about it someday.

Roy said...

the can tabs actually cost rm 100 a kilogram. they make the metal parts of the fake legs for the disable people. now the number of period pads u have is an over kill perky.

boku-wa-kuma said...

FINALLY, i've found my "sista-in-crime-who-likes-to-collect-toiletries"!!!... u never tot u hav dat massive qty until u put them in 1 place kan? LOL...

Being a big splendor on branded beauty/personal care products, i'm more than deserve to demand for samples lah kan... (*matilah statement kekwat... larikkk...)

Since i'm so lovely *senyum plastik*, they sometimes gave me the full-size samples.... mak suka!! mak suka!! but as usual, the samples are left unused on the make-up shelf.... aren't they just beautiful for display?... ;)

boku-wa-kuma said...

AAAAAaaaaaaaaa.... i mean... a big SPENDER... sowwy.... i'm a japanese who trying to write in english.... (sambil tarik kelopak mata & taruk cellotape... huhu...)

Sam said...

O-O Toiletry fetish.

Fovely collection darling! :D

Perky said...

Collecting stamps? That's just weeeirddd ;)

Mama Diva:
Celaka engkau mama! :P Lagipun, kalau ader pun makeup, I bukannye reti nak pakai! hahaha!

Mlle Linie:
Yeah, you should blog about your jewelleries. I'd love to see them (and perhaps borrow them?? hehehe)

Hah? Really? Who do I sell my can tabs to? Like this ah, I think I'll be a millionaire from selling can tabs jer! ;)

Boku-Wa-Kuma JANAI:
I think ppl gave you the full-size samples coz they all tak tahan kena serang engkau tiap2 hari lah kan ;)

Eh, daripada samples tu semua tak kena pakai, baik u dermakan kat si Mama Diva. I think he needs some beauty products too! *larrrriiikkk*

Thanks darling. They're my pride & joy. LOL!!!