Jan 4, 2007

Recap: Christmas and New Years

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Being absent from the blogging world has somewhat made me lazy. Maybe I'm still jet-lagged from the flight last night (haha! If there's any such thing as getting jet-lagged from a 1 hr+ flight). Maybe my alter ego is still sunbathing at Damai Lagoon, who knows? Or maybe I've lost my blogging touch (if I ever had any, that is) Anyways, here's the summary of how I spent my holidays back at home.


  1. Spent Christmas Eve with darling's family. In attendance - Papa Handimart, Mama Bakery, Ah Ma, Very Garang Aunty, The Other Grandmother, The Other Aunty, Brother-From-A Different-Mother Cousin + 'Auntie' + Younger Brother.

  2. Despite having been to darling's house many times before, it seems that I need to be introduced to Ah Ma each time I go over. She just can't seem to remember me. But this time, I had Mama Bakery on my side. I was introduced to Ah Ma as "the girl who took care of Boy when he was in KL". And when she smiled upon hearing that, I knew I had the green light to be with her grandson.

  3. Stayed over at darling's place - and we didn't even have to play hide-and-seek with the parents! Aaah, ain't nothing better than getting the ok from the parents.

  4. Papa Handimart almost gave me a heartattack when he asked,"So did you sleep well last night?" Judging from his face, he was actually trying to say,"So you're the one who's doing unspeakable bedroom depravity to my son ey".

  5. I finally know where darling gets his loving side from. Every morning he gives his Ah Ma a kiss. AwwwWWWwwww so sweet!

New Years

  1. Didn't get drunk.

  2. Memory still intact.

  3. It was a very private affair - just me and darling celebrating in his room.

  4. Watched fireworks from darling's balcony.

  5. Got a New Years kiss from darling. And a shag.

  6. Got a New Years kiss on the cheeks from Mama Bakery. Yay, way to go me!!

What I Learned About My New Family

  1. Ah Ma is possessive of her grandson. I was making darling's drink in the kitchen and she was there, observing like a hawk the girl who tricked manipulated won the heart of her precious grandson. In her attempt to make small talk, she asked,"Buat air sendiri (trans: Making your drink)?" As I lovingly stir the milo in darling's cup, I replied,"No, this is for Boy." And that was when she put me in my place. "Boy boleh buat air sendiri. You buat air sendiri. (trans: Boy can make his own drink. You do yours)". But I think I'll gently brainwash her to getting used to having another hot chic taking care of him.

  2. Ah Ma wants to convert everybody into Christians. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But her reaction when she found out that I wasn't a Christian... priceless.

  3. I think Mama Bakery has banned me from helping out in the kitchen. In my attempt to suck up to her Being the helpful person that I am, despite knowing the fact that my I.Q. level drops to 10 when I'm in the kitchen, I offered to help her when she was in the kitchen making curry puffs. I've helped my mom make them before and I clearly remember it wasn't that hard to do. Boy, was I wrong, 'cause clearly you must need some sort of a degree in curry puff making. I couldn't make the 'flower' of the curry puff. To save face, I blame the dough for being too dry. Anyway, after successfully making the first one, Mama Bakery said,"I think I'll do this myself." Ouch.

  4. Papa Handimart says I'm thin. He kept feeding me turkey... for breakfast!

  5. Mental note to self: Must never come between Brother-From-A Different-Mother Cousin and darling. They have the kind of bond that people like you and me are not lucky enough to experience, and because of that we will always be the 'outsiders' who will never understand why they are they way they are with each other. They may burn the house down when they're together. They may end up blowing Kuching up into bits from trying to outdo each other's pranks. Heck, they may even cause the moon to fall from the sky. But for reasons known only to darling and I, I will love this Cousin like as if he was my own flesh and blood.

  6. Second mental note: Must get better meaningful gifts for Cousin. Getting the RM1.50 Satria Baja Hitam mask and Pink Power Rangers mask for him and his Auntie as Christmas gifts is not a good idea. Will make up for this boo boo next Christmas.

  7. May need to do more to suck up to earn the trust of Petals a.k.a. the Dog. Helping darling to give her a bath is not sufficient enough. Although she didn't bite me (as darling says she bites 'bad' people and you all know how 'bad' I can be), she did give me a weird look. You know, the Robert De Niro's I'm-watching-you look. How hard can it be to get a dog to love you?!?

  8. Darling refers to me as Auntie. Apparently it's a term that he and Cousin use when refering to the girl they love most. That's just weird.

Overall, that trip was a very much needed break for me. Whatever doubts I had, they are now cast away. Suddenly 2007 looks like it's going to be an exciting year. Hey, I even have something else to write about Christmas other than the English brown gravy!

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4 Your say:

alex said...

Happy new years!! Sounds like you had load-sa fun with your future husband's family :)))
hey lets have our belated new years party. take you out for drinks?

savante said...

Sounds like you're getting it right with the inlaws - and also your darling.

Tek said...

Ah Ma always makes us carry stuff around like sacks of rice, dusty old rugs, and etc etc.

You know who's the first to run for cover behind the stairs, or on the side of cupboards!!!

I dont really believe he gives ah ma a kiss every morning!

Perky said...

I'm free this weekend dude!! *hint hint HINT* hehehe... get the gang together lah & we go yamseng k =)

It sounds right so far but I haven't told the story about my side of the family. Hahaha!

Yeah, sounds like him hahaha! Eh, he really does give ah ma a kiss every morning! Well, that is if she manages to catch him b4 he leaves the house! Lol.