Aug 19, 2005

Alien Invasion... Or Is It?

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Don't you just love alien movies? I do. Just the idea that we are not alone in this universe can be both interesting and frightening. Interesting because we may not be the most unique or superior being of the universe, and frightening because we're really screwed should the aliens decide to come and invade our world. The human race will be just like the Red Indians and the aliens will be just like the British when they came to conquer America. We'll be considered uncivilised, most likely be their shooting targets, and if we survive, we'll most likely spend the next millenium washing their clothes (assuming that they do wear clothes, that is!). And just like the Red Indians, we'll never gain our Earth back. The aliens will run the Earth the way Bush runs America; attack the world that has weapons that can rival yours first before they attack you (such as North Korea), have sanctions on worlds that refuse to sell their products cheap (such as Kuwait) and wage a war against worlds that do not agree with your ideas (a good example: Iraq). These ideas kinda make me feel that the war we fight against each other seem like a small thing, like a fly on the wall.

Anyways, enough about politics. I'm here to talk about alien movies. I love to watch alien movies, from E.T to Aliens, from Mars Attack to Men In Black. I liked it even better if the humans get killed in the most gruesome way, like Predator. The more blood, the better. Explosions, even better. I suppose the reason why moviemakers make alien movies is to satisfy our need to see all these bloody scenes (the shooting, the chopping, the eating) without offending anyone, or other countries.

Back to the aliens. Damn, I really should stop sidetracking. There are a few alien movies that made me go,"WTF?? What a lame way to defeat the aliens!!". I mean, we assume that aliens are smart because they've got this really cool spaceship and they've got super powers (or super weapons for the less gifted aliens). But somehow, some movies don't do them justice. (Stop reading here if you don't want spoilers!)

War of the Worlds
War of the WorldsInitially, I didn't wanna watch this movie simply because of Tom Cruise. He makes me sick. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis thing, or maybe he's really in love with Katie (hands up if you really really believe that! yeah right! Did you not watch Oprah?). Or maybe I just can't stand his 'fake' smile (seriously, how many of you believe that smile is real?). 'Nuff bout Tom. Back to the movie. I don't know what possessed me to watch this movie but I did. What looked really promising in the beginning turned out to be a huge disappointment in the end.

So they have this whole new theory about aliens. They've planted their machines in Earth millions of years before us, and are just waiting for the right time to take over our world. Which happens to be when the Earth is heavily polluted. Maybe the aliens are into the whole pollution thing. But let's skip that fact. (I mean, they could've had the Earth when it was still green and the human much much more primitive). So they've planted their machines deep into Earth long ago and one day, beemed themselves down to Earth & went straight to work. Looks like we're gonna lose. Look at all that blood gone to waste. Imagine all the lives we could've saved with all that blood. So I now get the picture that the aliens are way much superior in terms of weaponary; nuke 'em blast 'em... nothing works. And they've got a sick twisted sense of humor on what to do with us humans. Literally spraying the Earth blood red. This only tells me one thing: The aliens are well-prepared and really keen to conquer the world.

And just how did they lose to us poor helpless beings? They didn't have any immune system towards our Earthly sicknesses. Poor bastards. Millions of years of planning and they didn't factor-in that we're dirty lil beings, germ carriers, pollution lovers. Yeap, when the aliens really do come to invade us, get sick, people. It might just save your life.

SignsHmm... if it wasn't for Mel Gibson & Joaquin Phoenix, I probably would've missed this one, too. This movie is all about "everything happens for a reason". My son has asthma for a reason: to fend off alien attacks. He had an asthma attack, therefore he couldn't breathe in alien germ. My wife got pinned to the tree, but I made it there in time so that she can convey her last words "I love you, Mel". Erm, NO. To much amusement, it was "Swing hard, Merrill (Joaquin's character)". I think it was that. Well, if I got that wrong, it's definitely about swing the bat as hard as as you can to hopefully, and if you're really really lucky that is, at an alien. Yes, an alien. Not swing hard as in to revive your baseball career. But swing hard at an alien. Imagine if there never was an alien invasion. Then what?

Our EarthAnd don't you think that it's funny how the aliens were scared of water? Did they not conduct enough experiments on earth to know that the Earth is covered by huge amounts of water? Couldn't they see it from space that Earth is mostly blue in color? If I were that alien and insisted on invading Earth, I would've picked somewhere where it hardly rains. The desert. But then again, there ain't much to conquer in a desert right?

DreamcatcherI almost couldn't recognise Donny Wahlberg in this one. But Thomas Jane... yumm. This is an adaptation of the book by Stephen King. This movie ain't too bad actually. But what striked me as funny was that, did anyone notice that when Jonesy got that Gollum-Smeagol-split-personality with the alien in him, the alien speaks with a British accent? Almost made me wonder when will the alien (with thick British accent) ask Jonesy, "Would you like a cup of tea, Jonesy, while you watch me kill all your friends?" Hmm... didn't know the aliens learned the Queen's language from space.

I completely understand the whole need to let us humans win the war against aliens, but seriously, did you have to make the aliens so stupid?

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A true Virgo said...

i cant stop reading ur entry. just awesome friend,, I agree with u 100%,,, write more. tc

Perky said...

will definitely try to write more if i can. been so busy with work lately i hardly have time to check my emails. lol. tc.

A true Virgo said...

Add me to ur blogroll :) By the way, do u use yahoo messenger or msn? Will love to chat if you do..

take care ok and thanks for being my friend

aidwin said...

we all are aliens, the earth's real inhabitant is nature, do i sound like a hippie now lydd? hehe

Perky said...

A true virgo:
Will add u to my blogroll. unfortunately i dont chat online. sorry dude.

so u found your way to my blog site eh... u'll only sound like a hippie if u smoke weed. hehehe. it's the weed that makes the hippie. lol!