Oct 16, 2008

Sometimes It's Ok to be a Coward

Scribbled by Perky |

I don't like public toilets. It's even worst if the toilet at your office is being shared by other tenants in the building. Sometimes the floor's all wet. Sometimes the seat's all wet. Sometimes the seat's all dirty with shoe prints (because some idiot doesn't know how to sit on the toilet bowl, so they opt to squat on it instead. Idiots.).

But what I hate most is going into the cubicle and finding the toilet unflushed. Like today, when I had to run to the toilet because my bladder was about to pop, I was greeted by a toilet full of tissue paper!

Geez! Doesn't anyone know how to flush anymore?!?

Because I so desperately needed to pee I just sat there and did my business while I continued cursing at the dumbass for being such a erm... dumbass.

Until something caught my eye. There it was, in the same cubicle as I am, staring at me from the cubicle door.


No, not just your average tiny stinking cockroach. I'm talking about a cockroach the size of my fist! That sucker's so big it's even got wings!

Argh! I would've jumped right off my ass and outta that toilet but I was in the midst of peeing, you see. And we all know that once you go, you can't stop halfway. I didn't wanna be in the same cubicle as the damn cockroach but I'd much rather not get piss on my skirt and legs (even if it is my own liquid).

I squeezed my bladder as hard as I could (I think I now know how child birth would feel like) so that I could finish peeing real quick. And that's when the damn creature decided it should say hello to me and flew to the wall on my left. This time it was really close to me. Oh my God I wanted to cry.

I didn't want to make anymore sudden movements and aggravate the fella even more. So the moment I was done with my business, I pulled up my panties and ran out of the toilet.

I didn't even bother to wipe. Didn't even bother to flush. Didn't even bother to wash my hands. I just needed to get the hell out of there.

Guess I know what happened to girl before me huh?

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18 Your say:

ToughGirl101 said...

Haha, at least you know that she wiped, right?

samantha a.h @ wen said...


Garden Gnome said...

Oh my gosh! That thing make my centipedes look pretty good. Was it seriously the size of a fist?

Legolas said...

Poor poor you... I totally can understand your feeling. If that thing is not in the toilet, I definitely will find something and smash it into pieces.

PuNiao said...

Well, the "Sometimes the floor's all wet. Sometimes the seat's all wet. Sometimes the seat's all dirty with shoe prints" happens in Singapore public toilets as well. The worse I've seen are menstruation blood stains on the toilet seats and occasionally, behind the toilet seat (god knows who the hell can squirt that yucky stuff so far away). Hence, I perfectly understand your point of view.

budleee said...

owh gawd

i thought the toilet stories we funny but the roach thing wrap things up so perfectly


Twilight Zone said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.....I laughed so hard. I would have pissed at the cockroach by aiming my John at him.... Opps! You got no John, sorry la..

I always pray so hard never to reincarnate as a cockroach! Eeeekkk!

When atomic bomb landed in Nagasaki, all died include plants & humans except cockroaches! OMG! Long live the pests!

Perky said...

Hehehe... guess she was the lesser coward than I was ;)

samantha a.h @ wen
Oh laugh la... wait til a huge ass cockroach creeps up to u, then u know! :P

Garden Gnome:
Lol! Everything just magnifies when I'm piss scared... esp when it comes to roaches! ;)

Oh u're so brave! I usually just run & duck for cover hehehe....

Eew! Period blood on toilet seats... that's just too gross. *gags* It's hard to picture that happening in S'pore toilets though... your country's known for its cleanliness.

I damn geli lah tengok cockroach. They are God's curse to mankind. Hahaha!

Twilight Zone:
I think if I did have a John, even my John would hide away from the damn creature. Lol!

We're going to be outlived by them pests! *sigh*

PuNiao said...

Well, you'll be surprised. But luckily, there were enough complaints and they changed the toilet cleaners.

Laura-Junkfoodaholic.com said...

I would've freaked out... no kidding! Gross!!!

twinks said...

I so hate cockroaches!
They freak the hell out of me! lol..
You should complain about the toilet problem..

Happy weekend :]

Perky said...

I think they punished the wrong ppl though. But don't think it's possible to catch those who messed up the toilets huh?

Laura-junkfoodaholic.com & Twinks:
Hehehe... more cockroach haters! :D
U konw what, I actually complained 2 the toilet cleaner. Apparently she's scared of roaches too *sigh* Can't blame her on that one huh? ;)

savante said...

Now that's a toilet adventure :P

lala said...

I don't understand the not flushing thing. Seems like women in public restrooms are the worst.

Oh, the cockroach with wings...here we call that a Palmetto bug. They are fairly common in the U.S. southern states.

Perky said...

Hahaha! I guess you can call it one ;)

Lol! I am so not going to any U.S. southern states ;)

Actually men are no better than women when it comes to public toilets. Their urine gets sprayed everywhere (not all guys have "good aim" afterall) and they generally don't flush.

elaine said...

I cringe at the site of cockroaches, I cannot even stand killing them. I had to call someone to step on them for me. Yikes! What an experience!

samantha a.h @ wen said...

hahahaha...too bad la, you won't ever see me running away from lipas. Whenever they see me, they have to run for their life cause I spare them no mercy muahahahahaha

Perky said...

Lol! Ain't we all on the same boat ;) For me, if it's still a small cockroach I'm still ok to kill it. Only if it has wings... now that's where I duck for cover! Hehehe...

samantha a.h @ wen:
*sigh* u could've been my superhero but noooOOoooOOooo... instead u're all the way in U.S & happily married while I'm here being attacked by roaches! ;P