Jul 9, 2008

When I Was Just A Little Girl

Scribbled by Perky |

I don't really remember much from my early childhood days. Well, I remember bits and pieces of it, and usually it'll be my mom or my dad or whoever who'd give me the full version of my memory.

Anyways, this particular memory I remember pretty darn well on my own.

This was at the time when I was growing up in Manchester. I woke up one morning, I remember it was already very bright and my body was extremely warm. I sat up on the mattress and thought there was something really wrong with my body. Like, really really wrong.

"Why is my mouth constantly watery???"

I tried spitting the excess water out of my mouth. I even tried wiping my tongue dry but to no avail. So I started to get really, really worried. And then panic kicked in.

In the midst of my panic attack, I felt something trickle down my nose. I placed my fingers on my nose and saw that the fluid that was coming out of my nose was red in color.

"Blood. I'm bleeding. Why am I bleeding?? And what is this liquid in my mouth????"

I ran out of the room, screaming for my mom,"Mummy!! Mummy!! Something's wrong with me! I'm dying!!! I don't want to die yet!! I haven't prayed to God today!!"

Well, as you can see, I was already quite the drama queen back then and quite the saint. Anyways, turns out the "liquid in my mouth" was saliva (which is pretty normal to have as I later found out) and I had a nose bleed on that day. So yeah, my first few memories of childhood was pretty traumatic, I must say.

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3 Your say:

Shorea said...

Nang drama queen la ko tok...you really exaggerate since you were young!! Wonder where you get that from?? Hehehe

Perky said...

Lol!! What do to... gotta start from young kan? ;)

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! You are quite the drama queen but you haven't heard me start my drama king routine yet ... LOL!