Jul 28, 2008

My Dream Home

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Monika had placed a Spark asking, "What is your Dream Home". And that got me thinking, especially after my company had recently organised "My Dream Home" contest.

I would love to have a 3-storey house (I know, I know, it’s a bit much for someone who complains even having to walk up a flight of stairs! Lol!). There’s this housing area in BDC, Kuching (back in my home town) and I absolutely love the 3-storey houses there.

Something that I have in mind...

I believe that my fascination with the 3-storey house came from my childhood days of living in London. I was so attached to that house – the ground floor was where we dined, the 1st floor was where we spent most of time watching tv or just hanging out with other family members, while the 2nd floor, well, the 2nd floor is kinda spooky, so I hardly go up there.

So what would I do with a 3-storey house?

From the main door, I’d create a hallway where I place pictures of family and close friends on opposite walls – so that when you look at the wall with the family pics you'll go "awwww" and when you look at the opposite wall with my wacky friend pics, you'd laugh so hard you'd get tummy cramps.

I’ll most likely have the kitchen on the ground floor too. But I think I’ll leave the design of the kitchen up to McChef as that's his area of expertise. My job is to eat, not cook ;)

But what I must absolutely must have on the ground floor is a music room. A big room dedicated to all things music – my guitars, my effect pedals, my amps, mixers, and a computer. I’ll probably convert it into a mini music studio (something similar to what my dad has, except bigger ;)).

Oh, oh, oh, I’d love to have a mini grand piano near the staircase/hall area where the acoustics are best in the house.

Then the 1st floor is completely dedicated to lazying around – the plasma tv with surround sound system, comfortable couches that you could just fall asleep in within 5 minutes of sitting down, a mini bar area (so that I don’t have to run downstairs to feed myself).

I’ll also have a guest room on this floor just in case I have friends who need a place to crash.

On the 2nd floor is where my room is, which would probably end up looking like a studio apartment kinda room. Oh, and I must have big windows, where I'll place my working desk and laptop nearby so that I can just look out of the window to get inspiration. And a really big bathroom, with a really big closet (coz that's every girl's fantasy).

Anyways, that’s my idea of my dream home :)

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11 Your say:

Legolas said...

3 storeys! Too big! Will need to get a maid.

budleee said...

i want a condo located on the highest floor with a great view of the KL city :)

Jay said...

That's a lovely dream.

Nick Phillips said...

I always had this dream where I had a garden complete with a pond and trees and all that right in the middle of my house which will actually be encircling it :D And it will be single storey, us old fogeys with bad knees detest stairs ... LOL!

savante said...

Sounds like a really wonderful house :) I'd prefer 2 storeys myself but the idea of an attic is just fabulous.

samantha a.h @ wen said...

as for me 2 storeys would be nice. I'll need an elevator for a 3 stories. Bringing that fat ass of mine up the stairs is simply too much work for me >.<

Perky said...

Hahaha... yeah, i never thought of that!

Condo on the highest floor with a great view of KL city... wow! That's gonna be quite tough to find, not to mention it'll cost a bomb too.

Thanks Jay. One can only dream :)

Nick Phillips:
Hahaha... or you can opt to have an elevator installed. Actually a single storey house isn't a bad idea though *ponders for a while*

I think i've seen enough horror movies with attics. hehehe ;)

Lol! Yeah, an elevator to go up and a slide to go down (just for kicks) ;)

samantha a.h @ wen said...

a slide! GOOD IDEA!!! I never thought of that. I'm gonna go bug MoofMoof about it hehehehe

budleee said...

not really, kat bandar sri permaisuri got many of these condos, in jln ipoh also got..

heck kat area kajang nih pun yg dekat dgn cheras, got a great view of the city skyline too..

a landed property lagi mahal wo!!!

BigFatWitch said...

ey you better make room for my bass guitar and amps so we can have impromptu jamming sessions. Then i wouldn't have to lug my Fender Precision and Marshall amps over everytime either one of us feels like rocking out.

That's assuming i ever get myself a bass and amps. Boo~

a simple life said...

i love it! i love homes with lots of glasses ;)