Jul 17, 2008


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I just got off the flight from Kuching. Went back to Kuching last night as I had some business to attend to this morning. And now I'm back in the big city. *sigh* Travelling can be so tiring, especially for someone who hates to fly.

I've got a somewhat juicy story to tell... about an Aussie guy who tried to pick me up while we were on the plane.

But now I'm just too tired. Plus I have a flight to Bangkok tomorrow. Unpacking, then repacking... man, that's really exhausting!

So, if I don't post anything new tonight, then you guys have a great weekend ahead. I'll be having tonnes of fun in Bangkok (between the shopping & getting wasted & watching Queen's We Will Rock You Musical). So see you guys on Tuesday!


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Nick Phillips said...

ok, let me officially say that I'm absolutely envious of you. Having all that fun and getting to watch Queens We Will Rock You musical lagi while I slave my way through work! LOL!

Have fun Perky :D

Legolas said...

Have tonnes and tonnes of fun! I don't like consecutive flights as well. Feel like wasting a lot of time travelling and reaching 1 hour or 2 hours before the flight.

wEn said...

Happy Vacation hun! And Welcome Home (when you see this, you're probably back)

boku-wa-kuma said...

waahh... really got someone tried to pick u up? merk jelous oke... aussie somemore... merk yg selalu pose2 naik flight almost every month pun tak pernah dpt oke... teach me la... maybe i can practice this wednesday since i'm flying to penang on dat day... (*better be carefull not to attract those Allagapas... i found a lot of them in flight to penang tau!!... no offence ya mamadiva if u read this... but i just dun do Allagapas... *larikkkk...)

boku-wa-kuma again ;p said...

i'm so SEXcited about the aussie that makes me forgot to write the actual post *wink wink ^^ ....

being a frequent traveller (sponsored by company oke... i'm not dat rich bitch u know), i know travelling is very tiring especially for long haul & non-stop flight... and normally my flight is around 4~7 hours depends on the destination... sigh... what to do? cari jantan... ehhh... cari makan maa.... ;p

Mlle Linie.. said...

i need a holiday too!

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
I think you'll have more reasons to be envious of my trip to Bangkok once I post my adventures! Lol!

Lol! I think by now you know how happy we all are from the trip :D

LMAO! Hahaha! Alagappas. Siap engkau, kena maki si Diva tu!

I also don't know why I get picked up... selalu kena. And it's not like I was wearing anything sexy pun! *argh fed up*

ANd I absolutely hate to fly. Benci sangat sangat. Can't imagine being on the plane for hours & hours... mesti boring giler :P

Mlle Linie:
Jom! Let's go! Hehehe :)