You know, when I was much more carefree with the men in my life younger, I never did have a one-night stand. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Yes, I'd flirt with strangers in the club, but just when they thought they had sealed the deal, I just walked away. Cold feet. Cold turkey. Cold whatever. I'm too much of a germaphobe to just get it on with anyone and god only knows what kind of germs/disease those men have.

Well, unless if you like it dirty, then I guess a one-night stand would be more of your thing than mine.

Anyways not that I'm regretting I didn't seize the opportunity of doing it back then. Even if I wanted to do it right now, there's no way in skank hell will I live the next day to reflect on the pure joy of the experience due to the strict almost military-like regime that is known as McChef.

Anyways, just to humor me with my wild fantasy, below is my Top 5 list of men I'd so get it on with (in no particular order and would prefer to have all five of them together if I can *wink* ):

ADAM LEVINE (from the band Maroon 5)

If Adam wasn't this really talented singer-songwriter who can hit the falsetto like no ones business, I probably wouldn't look at him twice. But because he is all that and more (blessed with a super hot body), I do find myself blushing whenever I see him on the tv and somehow those naughty thoughts creep into my subconscious mind.

When he sings live, he doesn't sing the same lines from the studio versions. Instead he improvises on stage. That pretty much tells you just how creative he is ;)

CHRIS EVANS (actor who should keep his clothes off always)

Chris... Chris... Chris... Chris Evans. Ever since I watched him as Johnny Storm in Fantastic 4, I've fallen madly in love with him. His wit, his comedic timing, his charm, his sarcasm and that body... Aiyai yai!! 'Nuff said!

RYAN REYNOLDS (the dude that was once engaged to Alanis Morisette)

Ryan Reynolds I believe is a seriously underrated actor. This guy has excellent comedic timing (did you guys watch him in Van Wilder?? He could just sit there, with no script and you'd still laugh your ass off because his of his facial expressions). And he's pretty eye candy too.

But what really caught my eye was this scene in the Amityville movie, where he was chopping wood outside of the house. Oooh la la! I would really love to find out if those hips can do so much more than just looking good. Oh damn it, Scarlett Johansson is one lucky b*tch!

ZAC EFRON (you call him metrosexual, I call him a very gay straight boy/singing actor)

I'm so thankful for Disney for coming up with High School Musical. If it wasn't for that "little unknown" movie, I would never have known who Zac is. This guy is a package - he sings and dances really well (as evident in Hairspray), his acting is pretty good, and he seems like a decent guy (he ain't thrashing night clubs and landing himself in tabloid mags, right??). Also, we could trade beauty tips the morning after ;)

JESSICA BIEL (buns-of-steel 24-7 who's currently dating Justin Timberlake)

Okay, so she's not a man. But that won't stop me from fantasizing about her. For a night with her, I'd be a man (or die trying). To me, she not only have this beautiful face but she also has a beautiful smile that reflects the soul within. Well, I think she's got a great personality. Oh and there's also the tiny fact that she's got a super hot bod! My god, have you seen her bum??? She really makes having muscles super sexy as she's one of those rare ones who manage to maintain her curves.

Buns of steel Jessica!

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Nick Phillips said...

Zac Efron? Thank god you said fantasy ... LOL! To me, I'd remove the word straight ... LOL!

Here's wishing ya a happy weekend.

wEn said...

OMG Chris Evans!!!!!!!!!! his every inch is like so perfect! I hope that couple few inches are perfect too *wink wink* ;)

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Lol!! Yeah, you have a happy Sunday!

You can have him after I'm done with him ;) Lol!